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Amongst the plethora of gemstones, Yellow Sapphire has marked its own niche. Though, Sapphire gemstones are available in different hues and shades, but their yellow variety is quite alluring. This enduring variety of Sapphire gemstone showcases its own set of metaphysical properties. Yellow Sapphire gemstone is widely accredited for bringing in honour to the intelligent people and bringing intuition or clarity to the minds as well. This magnificent gemstone symbolizes power, strength, kindness and wise judgment.

Actually, Sapphire is one of the types of Corundum, which is an aluminum oxide mineral. It occurs in prismatic tabular, bipyramidal or rhombohedral crystals, and sometimes in granular or massive habits. Available in transparent to opaque forms, Sapphire becomes yellow when there is low iron content in Corundum. The yellow variety of Sapphire is sometimes referred to as Golden Sapphire and the gemstone of Devguru Brahaspati. It is extracted from the land of Srilanka, Madagascar, Tanzania, India and Russia.

Since ages, people have believed to wear this gem of Devguru Brihaspati for the purpose of protection and good fortune. This gemstone also helps to bring spiritual insight into the lives of the people. Wearing this gemstone has its own set of benefits that have inspired more and more people to wear a Yellow Sapphire.

Following are the Yellow Sapphire stone benefits:
  • Wearing this gemstone helps to attract wealth into the lives of the wearer and get rid of all the financial problems.
  • also stimulates the intellect of a person.
  • This stone helps to cure heart attack, swelling, unconsciousness, cough and the problem of fat.
  • The girls who face difficulty in getting married get benefits by wearing this gemstone as it helps to remove the obstacles from the way of marriage.
  • Yellow Sapphire is quite beneficial when worn by advocates, lawyers, judges, teachers, scholars and writers.
  • The wearer of this gemstone is blessed with mental peace, courage and happiness.
  • It protects the wearer from accidental death.
  • This gemstone helps an infertile woman to conceive, thus, brings in prosperity into the lives of the childless couples.

People with Sagittarius or Pisces as their sun sign can readily a Yellow Sapphire to gain benefits in their lives. According to Yellow Sapphire astrology, this gemstone brings in prosperity and good luck to the lives of all people, but is distinguishably favourable to the Sagittarius or Pisces descendants. But, it is always advised to wear a Yellow Sapphire gem after consulting an astrologer.

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