5, 10, 20, 30 Year forecast with detailed analysis.

Detailed Year forecast reports for 5, 10, 20 and 30 years

Computerised Astrology Reports

Five Year, Ten Year, twenty Year and Thirty Year Astrology Forecast reports available.

janmakundali, horoscope, birth chartReceive a comprehensive computer-generated Vedic Astrology yearly forecast report by email, tailored to your birth details. You can choose the report for a duration of five, ten, twenty, or thirty years. This in-depth report encompasses essential astrological calculations such as planetary positions, Rashi Nakshatra specifics, Lagna, Navamsha and Moon charts, Tara chakra, Planetary Karaka, Avastha and Rashmi details, the KP System, KP significators, KP ruling planets, Shodasha Varga table, Varga bhedas, Vimshopaka Strength, Shadbala and Bavabala table, Ista, Kasta phal, Astaka Varga tables, Vimshottari dasha tables, auspicious points, gemstone recommendations, Sadesathi specifics and remedies, Yoga karakas, the potency of planets in the Horoscope and Dasha periods, Manglik considerations and solutions, Kalasarpa yoga specifics and remedies, and Pitrudosha specifics and remedies.
Our report covers predictions regarding your physical characteristics, health, disposition, education, vehicles, property, romantic life, marriage, offspring, and career. The Kundali styles available include North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Odia, Sri Lankan, and Western styles. The report is available in English only and will be sent in PDF format to your email address..

In the annual prediction section, we cover yearly insights on your profession, wealth, property, home, family, social status, children, health, career, competition, travels, transfers, and corresponding remedies.

These reports are available in English Language only

Here you can see sample Vedic Astrology year reports 5 year report

Please note that it is not possible to answer any personal Astrological questions with the service.

Five (5) Year Forecast Report

Fee: $7 (Rs. 497 )

Ten (10) Year Forecast Report

Fee: $11 (Rs. 781 )

Twenty (20) Year Forecast Report

Fee: $15 (Rs. 1065 )

Thirty (30) Year Forecast Report

Fee: $20 (Rs. 1420 )


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