Sankranti, Surya sankramana dates for 2017

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Here you can find monthly Sankranti (Surya sankramana, Sign change of Sun) dates and timings for IST (indian standard time). All timings are given for India (IST). For other timings please check panchang page.

DateSankramana NamePunyakala Time
14th January 2017Makara Sankranti
(Uttarayana Prarambha)
Makara Sankramana Punya kaala Time = 07:50am to 05:56PM
Mahapunya kaala Time = 07:50 AM to 08:14 AM
12th February 2017Kumbha SankrantiPunya kaala Time = 12:30 PM to 06:13 PM
Mahapunya kaala Time = 04:18 PM to 06:13PM
14th March 2017Meena SankrantiPunya kaala Time = 04:23 PM to 06:22 PM
Mahapunya kaala Time = 04:23 PM to 04:57 PM
14th April 2017Mesha SankrantiPunya kaala Time = 06:04 AM to 12:16 PM
Mahapunya kaala Time = 06:04AM to 08:08AM
14th May 2017Vrishabha SankrantiPunya kaala Time = 12:12PM to 06:36PM
Mahapunya kaala Time = 04:28 to 06:36PM
15th June 2017Mithuna SankrantiPunya kaala Time = 05:46 AM to 12:10 PM
Mahapunya kaala Time = 05:46 AM to 06:10 AM
16th July 2017Karka Sankranti
(Dakshinayana Prarambha)
Karka Sankramana Punya kaala Time = 05:54 to 04:37 PM
Mahapunya kaala Time = 04:13 AM to 04:37 PM
17th August 2017Simha SankrantiPunya kaala Time = 06:03 AM to 12:20 PM
Mahapunya kaala Time = 06:03 AM to 08:08 AM
17th September 2017Kanya SankrantiPunya kaala Time = 06:07 AM to 12:10 PM
Mahapunya kaala Time = 06:07 AM to 08:08 AM
17th October 2017Tula SankrantiPunya kaalaa Time = 08:49 AM to 04:49 PM
Mahapunya kaalaa Time = 12:25 PM to 01:13 PM
16th November 2017Vrischika SankrantiPunya kaala Time = 06:25 AM to 12:36 PM
Mahapunya kaalaa Time = 12:12 PM to 12:36 PM
16th December 2017Dhanu SankrantiPunya kaala Time = 06:42 AM to 12:11 PM
Mahapunya kaala Time = 06:42 AM to 08:32 AM

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