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Choose right time for every auspacious event

Sumuhurta selection

Muhurta, Electional astrology, choose right date and time for any auspacious event
  • Muhurta for marriage
  • Muhurta for starting of business
  • Muhurta for house construction
  • Muhurta for House warming
  • Muhurta for starting education
  • Upanayana Muhurta
  • Shodasha sanskara mihurtas

Muhurtha bhaga (Electional Astrology) is the main and first branch of Astrology. Our ancients gave more importance to Sumuhurtha ( an auspicious time) for all kinds of divine rituals and shodasha sanskaras (Sixteen Sacred Ceremonies). The time with Panchanga Shuddhi(Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana Should be Auspicious) with out 21 Mahadoshas and with good planetary positions said as Sumuhurta. There are so many rules for various Functions. We will Calculate and give you Suitable Muhurtha for Your Auspicious Deeds like Marriage, Starting Business, Going Abroad etc....

To order Muhurta Service you need to provide birth details or Rashi/Nakshatra details of the person/s, period of timing when muhurta need to calculate and details of venue.

Please note: All paid Astrology and remedial services will be available from 1st of April, 2017.


Get best timeing (Muhurta) for all your auspacious deeds like marriage, house warming etc..


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