Year 2017 Pradosha dates and timings

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Pradosha vrat dates and timings year 2017

Pradosha or Pradosham (ప్రదోష) is a bimonthly occasion on the thirteenth day of every fortnight in Hindu calendar (panchang. It is closely connected with the worship of Hindu god Shiva. The auspicious 3 hour period, 1.5 hours before and after the sunset is one of the optimum time for worship of Lord Shiva. The fast or vow performed during the period is called "Pradosha vrata".[2] A devotee should wear rudraksha, Vibhuti and worship Lord Shiva by Abisheka, Sandal paste, Bilva leaves, Fragrance, Deepa & Naivaedyaas (Food offerings). Here you can find dates and timings of pradosha. All timings are giving for AP and Telangana region. For other places please refer our English Panchanga or Telugu Panchangam Page for local Pradosha timings.

DateNamePradosha Time
10th January 2017, TuesdayBhauma Pradosham (Sukla paksha) 05:54 PM to 08:30 PM
25th January 2017, WednesdayPradosham (Krishna Paksha)06:04 PM to 08:37 PM
08th February 2017, Wednesday)Pradosham (Sukla paksha)06:11 PM to 08:42 PM
24th February 2017, FridayPradosham (Krishna Paksha)06:17 PM to 08:46 PM
10th March 2017, FridayPradosham (Sukla paksha)06:21 PM to 08:47 PM
25th March 2017, SaturdayShani Pradosham (Krishna Paksha) 06:24 PM to 08:47 PM
08th April 2017, SaturdayShani Pradosham (Sukla paksha) 06:27 PM to 08:47 PM
24th April 2017, MondaySoma Pradosham (Krishna Paksha)06:30 PM to 08:48 PM
08th May 2017, MondaySoma Pradosham (Sukla paksha)06:34 PM to 08:49 PM
23rd May 2017, TuesdayBhauma Pradosham (Krishna Paksha) 06:40 PM to 08:53 PM
06th June 2017, Tuesday Bhauma Pradosham (Sukla paksha) 06:45 PM to 08:57 PM
21st June 2017, WednesdayPradosham (Krishna Paksha)09:14 PM to 09:00 PM
06th July 2017, ThursdayPradosham (Sukla paksha)06:51 PM to 09:03 PM
21st July 2017, FridayPradosham (Krishna Paksha)06:49 PM to 09:02 PM
05th August 2017, SaturdayShani Pradosham (Sukla paksha) 06:43 PM to 08:51 PM
19th August 2017, SaturdayShani Pradosham (Krishna Paksha) 06:35 PM to 08:53 PM
03rd September 2017, SundayPradosham (Sukla paksha)06:24 PM to 08:44 PM
17th September 2017, SundayPradosham (Krishna Paksha)06:13 PM to 08:36 PM
03rd October 2017, TuesdayBhauma Pradosham (Sukla paksha) 05:59 PM to 08:25 PM
17th October 2017, TuesdayBhauma Pradosham (Krishna Paksha) 05:49 PM to 08:18 PM
01st November 2017, WednesdayPradosham (Sukla paksha)05:56 PM to 08:12 PM
15th November 2017, WednesdayPradosham (Krishna Paksha)05:36 PM to 08:10 PM
01st December 2017, FridayPradosham (Sukla paksha)05:36 PM to 08:12 PM
15th December 2017, FridayPradosham (Krishna Paksha)05:40 PM to 08:17 PM
30th December 2017, SaturdayShani Pradosham (Sukla paksha) 06:55 PM to 08:24 PM

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