Daily Rashiphal - 22/02/2018 - Om Sri Sai Jyotisha Vidyapeetham

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Daily Rashiphal (Rashifal) based on your Moon sign (rashi)

Daily rashiphal based on your Moon sign. These rashiphal (Rashifal) are calculated for your local sunrise to give more accurate result. These predictions are calculated based on current Moon sign and Star position. Please note as these are based on Moon sign only so these are just indicative only. These are not personlised predictions.

Rashi, Nakshtra at Sunrise:(06:56:42) Rashi: Taurus, Nakshatra: Rohini

Local time: 22/02/2018 22:41:49
Timezone GMT offset: -6

Today's Astrological guide for all:


This day would see your finance going through a rough period. Expenses may increase. Take care of your riches as you are susceptible of losing something valuable.


This day would help you increase your income and gain riches. If you deal in agriculture, you may see more produce than usual. You may also be able to attain stuck up wealth during This day.


Success in business and professional pursuits. You are best able during this transit to display your talents. Your career probably improves in some way. You are influential over others. Good for Public Relations and selling property.


You may meet new friends from afar or a foreign country. This can cause tension and fatigue, as well as unexpected expenses.


This day portends trouble and obstacles in your everyday life. This day may bring along peril and untoward happenings.


Good friends, meeting with relatives, pleasures of the bed, good food and clothes, gain of vehicle, of pleasure trips, money and happiness.


Pay attention to home, personal hygiene and organization of personal aspects of your life. Take care of your health which is essential.


This day may make you mentally upset due to non fulfillment of your desire in any of your undertakings. However, you are also likely to entertain yourself hard, while your friends get all the recognition they wanted and this may make you feel even more disgusted at yourself.


You may have to handle a problematic stomach and a not-so-comfortable chest. Generally a slight decline in health may become a cause of concern for you. Moreover, the health of a family member or a relative may worry you during this particular time.


You may make a bad impression upon someone by reacting automatically rather than thinking a thing through and being proactive. Female relatives and friends may play an important role in your life at this time.


Be extra careful while dealing with people during these days. Unnecessary fights may come to pass as you tend to get involved in arguments more easily than usual. Carefully guard any mentally tendencies to act out of frustration or stress, as this may backfire on your reputation.


It's a good time to enjoy the best of friends and acquaintances, especially friendships with females. These kinds of acquaintances would ensure more physical as well as emotional satisfaction to you. Your conjugal life would also get a happy boost, with some improvement and love in the relationship with your spouse. Overall, you will be happy.

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