Karte, Nakshatra entering of Sun, Dates and Timings for year 2024

Date of Rohini Karte, Mrigashira Karte, Arudra karte (కార్తె) for the year 2024

Here you can find Karte (Sun's entrance in to Nakshatra) dates and timings for any city or date. You will also get there karte entering details in your language (at present 7 languages, English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati and Bengali). These dates are mainly helpful for farmers, doctors and many other people whose work is depend on rains and other seasons.

Karte entry Date and Time

Details about Kartes

In Indian astrology, a "Karte" refers to the Sun's entry into a specific Nakshatra (lunar mansion). There are 27 Nakshatras, and each Karte is named after the Nakshatra the Sun enters. According to our forefathers, the sages, researched and experienced on how the nature of each Karte is going to change, has been explained in scientific form. On the basis of these kartes, the formers, Businesspeople, even normal people, are the occupations and agricultural cultivation, and other important decision which are mostly based on the kartes. These Kartes are believed to affect weather patterns, agriculture, and human affairs significantly. On the basis of these kartes, the cultivators and the rural areas depend largely on these handicrafts, agriculture cultivation and with this chronology, their crops are decided and cultivated on the basis of the karte.

How Kartes are formed:

The Sun takes approximately one year to complete its cycle through the zodiac, passing through each of the 27 Nakshatras. As the Sun enters a new Nakshatra, a new Karte begins.

Significance of Kartes:

Weather Prediction: In ancient times, Kartes played a crucial role in predicting weather patterns. Farmers and agriculturalists relied on these predictions to determine the best times for sowing, harvesting, and other agricultural activities. Each Karte is associated with specific weather conditions, such as rainfall, temperature fluctuations, and storms. It is predicted based day of entrace of Sun on a perticular nakshatra. For Ex. Rohini karte for summer season, Mrigashira karte for taking medicine etc.

Agriculture: Kartes are still crucial in agriculture, especially in rural India. Farmers often plan their crop cycles and irrigation schedules based on the prevailing Karte.

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