Karte, Nakshatra entering of Sun, Dates and Timings for year 2021

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Date of Mrigashira Karte, Arudra karte for the year 2021

Here you can find Karte (Sun's entrance in to Nakshatra) dates and timings for IST (indian standard time). All timings are given for India (IST). For other timings please check panchang page. These dates are mainly helpful for farmers, doctors and many other people whose work is depend on rains and other seasons

11/01/202101:45Uttara Ashada Karte
24/01/202104:00Shravana Karte
06/02/202107:10Dhanishtha Karte
19/02/202111:35Satabhisha Karte
04/03/202118:00Purva Bhadra Karte
18/03/202102:20Uttar Bhadra Karte
31/03/202113:15Revati Karte
14/04/202102:35Asvini Karte
27/04/202118:25Bharani Karte
11/05/202112:35Krittika Karte
25/05/202108:45Rohini Karte
08/06/202106:40Mrigashirsha Karte
22/06/202105:40 Ardra Karte
06/07/202105:15Punarvasu Karte
20/07/202104:45Pushya Karte
03/08/202103:40Ashlesha Karte
17/08/202101:15Magha Karte
30/08/202121:20Purva Phalguni Karte
13/09/202115:05Uttara Phalguni Karte
27/09/202106:40Hasta Karte
10/10/202119:40Chitra Karte
24/10/202106:15Swati Karte
06/11/202114:20Vishakha Karte
19/11/202120:25Anuradha Karte
03/12/202100:45Jyeshtha Karte
16/12/202103:45Mula Karte
29/12/202106:00Purva Ashadha Karte

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