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Panchapakshi Shastra is a unique and detailed system that blends astrology with daily life activities, offering a practical tool for timing and decision-making.

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Welcome to our free online panchapakshi daily forecast calculator. Pancha means five and Pakshi means Bird. The Pancha-Bhutas - the five elements air, fire, water, earth and ether are present is all heavenly bodies and also in all living beings. The Five Elements are represented by five birds, Vulture, Owl, Crow, Rooster and Peacock. These birds influence and control all our action. These birds engage in any one of the following five activities at any given time:1.Rule, 2.Eat, 3.Walk, 4.Sleep, 5.Die. The birds are considered most powerful when they rule and least powerful when they die. Fill your birth details in below given form and submit your birth data to get today's forecast based on Panchapakshi.

More details about Panchapakshi Shastra

Panchapakshi Shastra is an ancient Tamil system of astrology that focuses on the five birds (pakshis) and their activities to provide guidance on various aspects of life. This esoteric branch of astrology is primarily used to determine auspicious times and make decisions in personal and professional matters. Here's an overview of Panchapakshi Shastra:

Concept and Background:

Five Birds (Pakshis):

The system revolves around five birds: Peacock, Owl, Crow, Vulture, and Cock. Each bird represents different energies and activities. These birds are believed to be manifestations of five elements (Pancha Bhootas): Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether.

Daily Activities:

Each bird performs five types of activities: Eating, Walking, Sleeping, Ruling, and Dying. These activities rotate in a specific sequence throughout the day.

Role in Astrology:

The bird assigned to an individual is determined based on their birth details. By observing the activity of the bird at any given time, one can find auspicious moments for various activities like starting a new project, traveling, or making important decisions.

Key Elements:

Bird Assignment:

Individuals are assigned a specific bird based on their birth day and time, which influences their life and decisions.

Activity Timings:

Each bird's activity changes every 2 hours, making it crucial to know the current activity to utilize favorable times.


Panchapakshi Shastra is used for daily planning, finding auspicious times (Muhurtha), and understanding personality traits and health tendencies.

Remedial Measures:

Remedies are suggested based on the dominant bird and its activities to mitigate unfavorable influences and enhance positive outcomes.

Practical Use:


Astrologers trained in Panchapakshi Shastra can provide guidance based on the bird's activities.


Individuals can learn to track their bird’s activities using Panchapakshi charts or tables to plan their day effectively.

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