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Hindu Calendar or online Jantri/ Panjika with complete information

Today Tithi, Nakshatra, Rashi, Rahu Kala, Brahma Muhurta and many more details

You will get these details with our Daily Panchanga service. Hindu year, Month, Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, Agnivasa, Homahuti, Shiva Vasa, Disha Shool, Abhijit (Noon), Amrita Ghati, Varjya (Tyajyam), Durmuhurta, Rahu kala, Good and bad Timings, Day and Night Divisions, Pradosh time, Gouri Panchang/Chowghati, Daily Muhurta, Hora timings, Tarabal/Chandra bal, Ghata vara, Journey details, good or bad for new startings, Lagna Table, Planetary position at Sunrise, Lagna Kundali at Sunrise. Start your day with our Daily Panchang by knowing good and bad times of the day.

What is Panchang?

The Panchang is derived from two words: 'Pancha,' meaning five, and 'Anga,' meaning limbs. As per Hindu Astrology, time is divided into five components: Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga, and Karana.
Tithi represents the angular relationship between the Sun and the Moon. There is approximately a 12-degree difference between the Sun and Moon. They align on Amavasya (New Moon), and are in exact opposition on Purnima (Full Moon).
Vara refers to the day of the week. In Vedic Astrology, a day starts from one Sunrise and ends at the next Sunrise.
Nakshatra signifies Constellation. In Vedic Astrology, the Zodiac (Rashi Chakra) is divided into 27 parts, each referred to as a Nakshatra. The Moon moves through a Nakshatra approximately every day, with each Nakshatra having different implications.
Yoga, like Tithi, is the angular distance between the Sun and the Moon. There are 27 Yogas in total.
Karana is half of a Tithi, and there are 11 Karanas in total.
The Panchang also provides information about daily planetary movements. It is used to determine auspicious times for significant events like marriages, house-warming ceremonies, etc., and hence plays a pivotal role in Indian culture.

How Does Panchang Help Us?

As mentioned earlier, the Panchang is an essential tool for selecting Muhurta (auspicious times) and understanding the favorable and unfavorable aspects of a day. All information provided in the Panchang is based on the Moon's transit across Rashis (Zodiac signs) and Nakshatras (constellations).
The Panchang guides us in our daily life, advising us on the best times to undertake certain activities and periods to avoid certain actions. By adhering to the guidelines provided in the Panchang, one can navigate life more smoothly and mitigate potential problems, thus leading to a more harmonious and trouble-free existence.

What are the details in the almanac software on onlinejyotsh.com?

Our Panchang software contains many items like Tithi week Nakshatras and Varjyam Durmhurtham, Rahu kaal, etc. Every day, there are details such as Muhurta, Amrita ghadiyas, instructions related to travel, auspicious times related to Shiva puja, auspicious times related to Homas, aparahna kaal, pradosh kalam, etc., ending time of each Lagna, Lagna Shubhamsha, Pushkaramshas, planetary position and Lagna Kundali for sunrise, etc.. This Panchang is available in seven languages.

What are the other names of Panchang and in which part of India and abroad use them?

Panchanga/Panchang or Hindu Calendar is used by many people in India and abroad.
Panjika is Commonly used in the eastern parts of India, particularly in Bengal and Odisha.
Panchangam is The Tamil and Telugu versions of Panchang are referred to as Panchangam.
Kalnirnay is A popular name in Maharashtra and Gujarat.
Jantri is Often used in northern India, especially in states like Gujarat and Rajasthan.

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