Find when is Pradosh in this month and time of Puja

Pradosh Vrat Dates and Timings, the year 2024

Dates of Shani Trayodashi, Soma Pradosham, Bhauma Pradosham and other pradoshas for the year 2024

Pradosha or Pradosham (ప్రదోషం) is a bimonthly occasion on the thirteenth day of every fortnight in Hindu calendar (panchang. It is closely connected with the worship of Hindu god Lord Shiva. The auspicious 3 hour period, 1.5 hours before and after the sunset is one of the optimum time for worship of Lord Shiva. The fast or vow performed during the period is called "Pradosha vrata". A devotee should wear rudraksha, Vibhuti and worship Lord Shiva by Abisheka, Sandal paste, Bilva leaves, Fragrance, Deepa   Naivaedyaas (Food offerings). Here you can find dates and timings of pradosha. Below given timings are for AP and Telangana region. For other places please refer our English Panchanga or Telugu Panchangam Page for local Pradosha timings.

Date/ NamePradosha Time
Pradosha dates in January 2024
January 9, 2024, Tuesday
Bhauma Pradosham
05:54 PM to 09:09 PM
January 23, 2024, Tuesday
Bhauma Pradosham
06:03 PM to 09:15 PM
Pradosha dates in February 2024
February 7, 2024, Wednesday
Budha Pradosham
06:11 PM to 09:20 PM
February 21, 2024, Wednesday
Budha Pradosham
06:17 PM to 09:23 PM
Pradosha dates in March 2024
March 8, 2024, Friday
Shukra Pradosham
06:22 PM to 09:24 PM
March 22, 2024, Friday
Shukra Pradosham
06:25 PM to 09:23 PM
Pradosha dates in April 2024
April 6, 2024, Saturday
Shani Pradosham, Shani Trayodashi
06:28 PM to 09:23 PM
April 21, 2024, Sunday
Bhanu Pradosham
06:31 PM to 09:22 PM
Pradosha dates in May 2024
May 5, 2024, Sunday
Bhanu Pradosham
06:35 PM to 09:23 PM
May 20, 2024, Monday
Soma Pradosham
06:40 PM to 09:26 PM
Pradosha dates in June 2024
June 4, 2024, Tuesday
Bhauma Pradosham
06:45 PM to 09:30 PM
June 19, 2024, Wednesday
Budha (Soumya) Pradosham
06:50 PM to 09:33 PM
Pradosha dates in July 2024
July 3, 2024, Wednesday
Budha (Soumya) Pradosham
06:52 PM to 09:36 PM
July 19, 2024, Friday
Sukra Pradosham
06:50 PM to 09:36 PM
Pradosha dates in August 2024
August 1, 2024, Thursday
Guru Pradosham
06:46 PM to 09:34 PM
August 17, 2024, Saturday
Shani Pradosham, Shani Trayodashi
06:38 PM to 09:29 PM
August 31, 2024, Saturday
Shani Pradosham, Shani Trayodashi
06:28 PM to 09:22 PM
Pradosha dates in September 2024
September 15, 2024, Sunday
Bhanu (Ravi) Pradosham
06:15 PM to 09:13 PM
September 29, 2024, Sunday
Bhanu (Ravi) Pradosham
06:04 PM to 09:05 PM
Pradosha dates in October 2024
October 15, 2024, Tuesday
Bhauma Pradosham
05:52 PM to 08:57 PM
October 29, 2024, Tuesday
Bhauma Pradosham
05:43 PM to 08:51 PM
Pradosha dates in November 2024
November 13, 2024, Wednesday
Budha (Soumya) Pradosham
05:38 PM to 08:49 PM
November 28, 2024, Thursday
Guru Pradosham
05:37 PM to 08:50 PM
Pradosha dates in December 2024
December 13, 2024, Friday
Shukra Pradosham
05:40 PM to 08:55 PM
December 28, 2024, Saturday
Shani Pradosham, Shani Trayodashi
05:48 PM to 09:03 PM

Pradosham timings are calculated for Hyderabad, Telangana. Click here for other cities pradosha timings.

About Pradosha Vrat

Pradosha Vrata is a significant observance in Hinduism dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It occurs on the thirteenth day (Trayodashi) of both the lunar fortnights in a traditional Hindu calendar. Here are two perspectives on Pradosha Vrata:

Spiritual Significance

Devotional Aspect: Pradosha Vrata is a time for deep devotion and worship of Lord Shiva. Devotees believe that during this period, Lord Shiva performs the cosmic dance, the Tandava, which symbolizes creation, preservation, and destruction. Engaging in prayers and rituals during Pradosha is thought to invoke the blessings of Lord Shiva for spiritual growth and liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

Mythological Perspective: According to Hindu mythology, the Pradosha time is when Lord Shiva drank the poison Halahala that emerged during the churning of the ocean (Samudra Manthan) to save the universe. Observing Pradosha Vrata is a way to express gratitude to Lord Shiva for this selfless act and seek his protection and benevolence.

Ritual Practices

Fasting and Worship: Devotees observe a fast from sunrise to sunset on Pradosha days. The fast is broken after performing Shiva Puja during the Pradosha Kala, which is 1.5 hours before and after sunset. The rituals include offering Bilva leaves, bathing the Shiva Lingam with milk, honey, and water, and chanting mantras and hymns to praise Lord Shiva.
Community Gatherings: In many temples, special pujas and bhajans are organized. Devotees gather to participate in these events, sing devotional songs, and listen to stories and discourses on Lord Shiva. It's a time for communal prayer and seeking spiritual enlightenment together.
Observing Pradosha Vrata is believed to bring peace, prosperity, and happiness, as well as the fulfilment of desires and the removal of sins and obstacles in life.


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