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Established in 2004, Om Sri Sai Jyotisha Vidyapeetham seeks to uplift lives through the divine wisdom of Vedic Astrology, an ancient science bestowed by our sages. Our premier astrology platform,, delivers expert Vedic astrology services in a range of languages, including English, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, and Malayalam.

We provide comprehensive Vedic astrology solutions to both Indian and international clientele. Our offerings range from horoscopes and forecast reports to in-depth chart readings. We also provide expert consultations for a more detailed analysis of your astrological profile.

Explore our free astrology services, including Vedic horoscope, Kundli Matching, KP Horoscope, Panchang for your locality, Rashiphal, and Kal Sarpa dosha check. Plus, make the most of our Mangal Dosha check tool, Panchapakshi, and more. We are continuously expanding our services and will soon introduce several new free offerings.

Keen to delve deeper into the world of astrology? Discover our Astrology lessons in the Telugu section, with more enriching content being added continually. We encourage you to explore our website for further services and offerings.

Our multilingual services have expanded to include the Panchang, or Vedic calendar, in six Indian languages. Our Guna Melan service, a Vedic compatibility check, and Newborn Astrology are available in multiple languages. We also offer monthly and yearly horoscopes in eight languages.

It's important to note that our online astrology services, including Janam Kundli and marriage matching, are available free of charge. For personalized astrology, consider opting for our premium services.

Designed to cater to individuals from India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Europe, and beyond, our astrology services aim to facilitate a more fulfilled and prosperous life. Also known as Jyotisha or Hindu Astrology, Indian Astrology underpins all our offerings.

We welcome your feedback and support as we strive to enhance and broaden our astrology services across diverse languages. Access our website via desktop, mobile, or tablet for a seamless experience.

Year 2023 Rashiphal (Rashifal) from Aries to Pisces based on your Moon sign

Is Astrology helpful?

Astrology, far from being a mere myth or belief, is a legitimate science with a rich history spanning thousands of years in India and across the globe. It's a life-enhancing discipline that offers guidance towards a problem-free existence. Om Sri Sai Jyotisha Vidyapeetham is dedicated to propagating this divine science and offering direction to the younger generation, who often grapple with concerns regarding education, career, and marriage.

Astrology empowers individuals to identify what benefits them and how they can optimize their lives. It provides insights into promising career paths, compatible life partners, and the roadmap to a healthy lifestyle. Our website is a comprehensive resource offering a multitude of free and paid astrology services and remedial solutions designed to assist those seeking guidance.

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Purpose of Astrology

यथा शिखा मयूराणां नागानां मणयो यथा ।
तद्वद्वेदांगशास्त्राणां ज्यौतिषं मूर्धानि स्थितम् ॥ ४॥
"Like the regal crest of a peacock or the precious gem on a cobra's hood, Jyotish, or Astrology, holds the highest place among the Vedanga Sastras." This Sloka perfectly encapsulates the significance of Jyotish, which translates to 'The Science of Heavenly Bodies' or 'The Science of Light.' It guides us towards an improved future and a fulfilling life.

Astrology is the scientific study of predicting the future and adjusting our paths to mitigate struggles, fostering a peaceful and contented existence. This science operates based on the planetary positions at the time of our birth. Our ancestors discerned that the celestial movements of planets and stars profoundly influence our lives. The shifting positions of these heavenly bodies signify various events on Earth and in our personal lives, helping predict phenomena ranging from earthquakes and natural disasters to human life events.

A birth chart represents the planetary positions at the time of an individual's birth. Future predictions can be made based on this chart, taking into account factors like planetary placements within various signs, the birth ascendant, planetary aspects, and more. Therefore, astrology serves as a guiding compass in our lives.

Astrology uncovers the positive and negative facets of our lives. It advises on suitable directions, colors that radiate positive energy, and gems or metals that yield favorable results. It provides insights about marriage, career, health, wealth, and children, addressing everyday challenges in our lives.

Moreover, Vedic astrology aids in addressing issues arising from past-life karma by suggesting remedies such as Puja, Yagyas, and other planetary solutions. Jyotish, a unique system devised by our sages, has been utilized by countless individuals to cultivate a more peaceful and prosperous life through Vedic remedies and astrological guidance.