2016 sankastahara chaturthi dates

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Sankasta Hara Chaturthi dates for 2016

Year 2016 Sankastahara chaturthi dates and moon rise timings for Mumbai and Hyderabad

Sankathi dates and Moon rise timings for year 2015

Fasting on Sankatahara Chaturthi is considered very auspicious and extremely beneficial. This Vratam is more helpful for those who are having delay in marriage and birth of children. Usually it is recommended to take up this vratam for a period of One year and observe fasting on all the Sankatahara Chaturthi days and will end it by performing “Maha Ganapathi Homam” or “Ganesh Atharva Sheersha parayan”. By doing this, it is believed that all the difficult tasks will be accomplished and the obstacles will be removed from one’s life.
Here I am giving Sankastha hara chaturthi dates and Moon rise timings for year 2015. This year Angaraki coming three times. For those who want to start this vratam should start it on any of angaraki day. There is no Angaraki in this year.

DateWeekdayMoon rise
Moon rise
29 November 2015 Sankashti Chaturthi21:0621:27
28 December 2015 Sankashti Chaturthi20:4021:01
27th JanuaryWednesday21:0121:24
26th FebruaryFriday21:1821:42
27th MarchSunday21:3722:05
25th AprilMonday21:1321:45
25th MayWednesday21:4022:16
23rd JuneThursday21:1521:48
23rd JulySaturday21:3221:55
21st AugustSunday21:0021:16
19th SeptemberMonday20:2920:40
19th OctoberWednesday20:5821:09
17th NovemberThursday20:3920:55
17th DecemberSaturday21:2021:41


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