Kuja (Mangal) Graha Shanti, Remedies to Mars

Vedic Remedies for Mars

Kuja graha shanti, remedies to Mars In our birth chart Mars signifies energy, strength, siblings (younger), independence, initiative, motivation, determination, ambition, endurance, courage, force of character, manliness, power, impatience, zeal, enthusiasm, passion, pioneering, adventure, sports, competition, frankness, resourcefulness, management, research, technology, laboratories, chemistry, mathematics, logic, difference of opinion, litigation, argument, misunderstanding, anger, aggression etc...
When afflicted Mars gives rashness, short temper, aggressive temperament, cunning, thievish nature, scoundrel, sexual malpractices, impulsive desires, fanaticism, stubborn and untrustworthy. In a Birth Chart Afflicted Mars will give financial problems, debts, Blood related problems, loss of landed property, accidents, failure married life etc..

If you are having any one of these doshas in your birth chart you are advised to perform remedies to Mars.
Debilitated (Neecha) Mars
Manglik Dosha
Sarpa Dosha
Bratru Shapa dosha
Remedies Means worshiping Mars with Mantra, Tantra and yagya. Based on your problem you can choose any one of below given remedial methods. These remedies will never give negative results and these will increse positive results of Mars.

Gayatri Mantra for Mars: Mantra chanting
ओम् क्षिति पुत्राय विद्महे लोहितान्गाय धीमहि तन्नो भौमः प्रचोदयात्
ఓం క్షితిపుత్రాయ విద్మహే లోహితాంగాయ ధీమహి తన్నో భౌమః ప్రచోదయాత్
Om kshitiputraaya Vidmahe lohitangaaya dheemahi, tannah bhoumah prachodayaat
Above Mantra is Kuja (Mangal) gayitri.
Mantras to chant
If you want to chant Kuja (Mangal) mantra yourself, you can chant any of below given mantras. Total count of mantra will be 7000 times and you can complete it maximum of 11 days. Before start chanting, consult any pundit to learn propoer pronunciation and method of chanting (Sankalpa etc..) to get desired results.
Puranokta Mantra
Dharanee Garbha Sambhootham - Vidhyuth Kaanthi Samaprabham
Kumaaram Sakthi Hasthancha - Mangalam Pranamaam Yaham
Veeradhwajaaya Vidhmahe' - Vigna Hasthaaya Dheemahi Thanno Bhawma Pracho Dhayaath
Bija Mantra
Aum kram krim kraum sah bhaumaya namah

There are so many other mantras. We chant Vedic Kuja (Mangal) mantra which should be learned from Guru. The count of Mantra chanting is 7000. Mantra chanting is a temporary remedy which helps to reduce negative effects of planets for some time..like 3, 4 years based on Dosha we have.
If you want to chant any special Mantra for Kuja (Mangal) for any special purpose on your behalf Please contact us before ordering.

Please note: All paid Astrology and Remedial services will be available from lst September, 2018.

Grahashanti yagya To get rid off inauspicious results of a planet, Yagya/ Havan is a significant remedy. Materials used in Hawan is enough beneficial. These stuffs make surroundings holy along with pacifying planet. Hawan stuffs contain several kinds of roots and herbs and due to this reason its ashes is also very beneficial and alleviate the some diseases totally. Yagya includes Mantra chanting, Tarpan (Pouring water), Havan and Brahmin Bhojan (giving food to brahmins).
Yagya will have effect for long time i.e. 10-15 years or more based on dosha we have.
Yagna is a complete remedy for a planet or deity. This remedy is for those who want longterm relief from their problem caused by a planet or planetary doshas.

Please note: All paid Astrology and Remedial services will be available from lst September, 2018.

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Sarvesthu Sukhinah Santhu, Sarve Santhu Niramayah
Sarve Bhadrani Pashyanthu, Ma kashchith Duhkhabhag Bhaveth||
Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih||

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