Ephemeris in Telugu

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100 year Ephemeris

Ephemeris in Telugu

100 సంవత్సరముల గ్రహ స్థితి పట్టికలు

In these days as Technology improved there are so many Astrology softwares to calculate accurate birth charts with so many details. Computer is a must thing for these calculations but, in India especially In Andhrapradesh and Telangana there are so many Astrologers who don't use computer or do not have knowledge of computer, these Ephemeries are helpful for those who don't have computer facility. They can use our 100 year Telugu Ephemeris. These ephemeris calculated using Lahiri Ayanamsha. You can get ephemeris from 1950 to 2050. These ephemeris includes Lahiri (chaitra paksha Ayanamsha), Siderial time to calculate lagna and house position. These planetary position are calculated for 05:30Am.

What are ephemeries?
Ephemeries means data of position of planets calculated for a perticular place and time. This word ephemeris came from the Latin word "ephemeris" it means dairy. Ephemeris gives daily position of planets for a perticular time.
What is the use of ephemeris?
In old days, ephemeris used to calculate birth charts. Now a days everyone using computer software to calculate horoscopes but in old days these ephemeris are the only source to calculate birth charts.
How to use ephemeris?
How to use ephemeris?
You can see daily planetary position for every year. You need to find out the planetary postion for the perticular day. Most of ephemeris will be calculated for 12am (0 hour GMT). We need to calculate movement of a planet up to birth time. In the ephemeris planetary position will be given for a perticular time. we need to calculate the speed of the planet until the birth of the person to observe how fast the planet is moving, and that should be placed in the birth chart.

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