Tatkal Prashna kundali for Horary Astrology

Prashna Kundli with Current Panchang and Planetary Positions

In astrology, Horary Astrology or horary astrology is an important discipline. This is also known as chapanna shastra. The significance of the question arises from the planetary position and the influence of the planetary position present at the time the posterior asked the question. If an object is lost or any human beings are missing, the answer can be found on the basis of this questionnaire. Is it possible to find a lost object or a man, and if so, in which direction are they? Horary Astrology tells you the answers to questions such as when it can be found, etc. You can also rely on Horary Astrology in making important decisions. This tatkal Prashna kundli or current question kundli is based on the place and time you are currently in. Through this, skilled astrologers will answer easily.