Solar Eclipse October 25th, 2022 timing and result

Effect of Solar Eclipse on your Rashi

You can find the complete details of the solar eclipse, including start and ending times for each state in India, and details of effect on each sign..

On 25th of October 2022 Ketu Grastha Surya grahanam (solar eclipse) occurring. Along with India, this solar eclipse will be visible in different parts of the world. The eclipse will be visible in parts of Europe, the northeastern parts of Africa, the Middle East, West Asia,  the North Atlantic Ocean and the northern Indian Ocean. For India, Time of this solar eclipse as follows. Please check below given table of timing for each state of India. Time is given for the capital of each Indian state.

Please note that effect eclpise will end after Sunset. So, there is no need of consider end time of elclipse. Punya kala for grahan ends after Sunset. Please click here to know your local Sunset time.
State /Capital Start time End time Sunset Effect
Andhra Pradesh / Amaravati 05:03 PM 06:28 PM 05:38 PM Yes
Arunachal Pradesh / Itanagar - - 04:35 PM No
Assam / Dispur - - 04:43 PM No
Bihar / Patna 04:35 PM 06:25 PM 05:11 PM Yes
Chhattisgarh / Raipur 04:51 PM 06:28 PM 05:29 PM Yes
Goa / Panaji 05:00 PM 06:30 PM 06:06 PM Yes
Gujarat / Gandhinagar 04:38 PM 06:30 PM 06:03 PM Yes
Haryana / Chandigarh 04:24 PM 06:24 PM 05:38 PM Yes
Himachal Pradesh / Shimla 04:26 PM 06:26 PM 05:36 PM Yes
Jharkhand / Ranchi 04:48 PM 06:25 PM 05:12 PM Yes
Karnataka / Bengaluru 05:12 PM 06:27 PM 05:53 PM Yes
Kerala / Thiruvanantha puram 05:30 PM 06:20 PM 06:00 PM Yes
Madhya Pradesh / Bhopal 04:42 PM 06:29 PM 05:44 PM Yes
Maharashtra / Mumbai 04:49 PM 06:31 PM 06:06 PM Yes
Manipur / Imphal - - 04:36 PM No
Meghalaya / Shillong - - 04:44 PM No
Mizoram / Aizawl - - 04:42 PM No
Nagaland / Kohima - - 04:35 PM No
Odisha / Bhubaneswar 04:57 PM 06:26 PM 05:13 PM Yes
Punjab / Chandigarh 04:24 PM 06:24 PM 05:38 PM Yes
Rajasthan / Jaipur 04:32 PM 06:28 PM 05:47 PM Yes
Sikkim / Gangtok 04:40 PM 06:22 PM 04:55 PM Yes
Tamil Nadu / Chennai 05:14 PM 06:25 PM 05:42 PM Yes
Telangana / Hyderabad 04:59 PM 06:29 PM 05:46 PM Yes
Tripura / Agartala - - 04:48 PM No
Uttar Pradesh / Lucknow 04:36 PM 06:26 PM 05:26 PM Yes
Uttarakhand / Dehradun 04:26 PM 06:24 PM 05:34 PM Yes
West Bengal / Kolkata 04:52 PM 06:24 PM 05:01 PM Yes

Dos and don'ts

As this eclipse occurs on Tula Rashi, people born in Tula, Vrishchika, Karka, and Meena Rashi should take some precautions like not watching this eclipse and donating idols of the Sun and Ketu along with wheat and Ghee and performing shiv puja after the eclipse. People born in other Rashi’s won’t have any major effect on them. As Sun signifies personality and basic nature and Ketu signifies low confidence and ignorance. The conjunction of these two planets gives a negative effect on people who have a negative placement of this eclipse from their Moon sign. But there is no need to worry as the effect of this eclipse will be less.

Let us check the effect of this eclipse on various signs.

This eclipse for the Aries sign is happening in the seventh house. Substance is a contributing factor to marital life, business as well as addictions. Since eclipse impacts personality, this eclipse does not affect you if you do not insist on unwanted pride in martial life or business partnerships. It is better to persevere rather than to addiction to perseverance.

This eclipse occurs in the sixth house for people born in the Taurus sign. This is a favorable position, so the prospect of getting them out of court cases or other disputes will improve, as well as some positive results in the profession.

This eclipse for the Gemini sign is occurring at the fifth house. The fifth house signifies the brain, the child, and the creativity in us. This eclipse may result in a lack of understanding with your offspring or result in negative decisions due to your arrogance.

For the Cancer sign, this eclipse occurs in the fourth. Quadruple positioning is a factor in the comfort of vehicles and properties. It is advisable to be cautious when traveling in real estate purchases, as opposed to real estate, as well as to avoid sluggishness.

This eclipse is the third occurrence for people born in the Leo sign. This positive result will result in success in the tasks undertaken by the constellation, as well as being mentally and physically fit.

This eclipse occurs in the second house for people born in the Virgo Moon sign. The second house signifies family, money, and talk. So go to greats but avoid giving hurt after giving a word as well as avoiding unnecessary arguments with family members.

This eclipse is occurring in the first house of the Libra sign. Therefore, it is best to think twice before making any decision or doing anything so that you are prone to pride or making bad decisions or doing things that have the opposite effect.

This eclipse for the Scorpio sign born occurs in the 12th house. This position contributes to foreign travel, expenditure, and health risks. People born in this sign can get away with problems when it comes to investing when it comes to spending, as well as making health-conscious decisions.

This eclipse for the Sagittarius born occurs on the 11th house. As this is the house of gains, and friends, you will get your old friends back and will also get good financial support.

For the Capricorn born, this eclipse occurs in the tenth house. The position is a factor in the reputation of the profession. Although these people are professionally favored, they will get good results if they work honestly rather than having unnecessary disputes with the top authorities.

For the Aquarius sign, this eclipse is occurring on the 9th, and it gives mixed results. The position of the ninth position, as well as the place of spirituality, in this position, may give rise to some logical reasoning for the planetary state, forming a condemnation mentality.

This eclipse is occurring in the 8th position of the Pisces sign. Because the octave position is the cause of unintended problems, insults, and financial problems, people born in this constellation may avoid problems because they do not interfere with their unrelated matters and may not even venture into investments.

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