Sun and Venus conjunction in Vedic astrology

Sun in Vedic astrology represents the soul, self-confidence, authority, ego, self-esteem, government and father.
Venus is feminine in nature. It's the comfort and luxury in one's life. Venus is all about love and relations. Venus represents arts, creativity, beauty and entertainment. In men's chart, it represents wife. For both men and women, it is marriage.
When sun and Venus conjoined in the birth chart, sun bright ups the qualities of Venus. Ego plays a major part in relationships.
Men having this conjunction will have a wife who is authoritative in nature. In women's chart, herself authoritative and demands equal or more rights than men.
When these two planets have close conjunction less than 5 degrees, it creates problems in married life and leads to divorce most of the time. If they have a loose conjunction, there will be no negative effects.
This conjunction can make the person a charismatic politician who can attract the crowd. Can become a good actor, model or can work in fashion or entertainment industry. This conjunction gives good creativity when it happened in 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th and 10th houses.

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