Good and bad planets for Tula Lagna /libra ascendant

Saturn: as the lord of a Kendra house and trine, 4th & 5th, Saturn becomes raja yoga karaka. Saturn mahaDasha and bhukthi give auspicious results.
Mercury: the lord of 9th and 12th houses, mercury gives good results. Here the 9th house is the most spacious house in the horoscope.
Venus: the Lagna lord also rules the 8th house, Venus gives good results. Venus moolatrikona in 1st house, the 8th house can give both good and bad effects. But due to moolatrikona in 1st house, Venus gives benefic results.
Moon: as the lord of 10th house, the moon gives good results.
Bad or negative planets :
Jupiter: as the lord of two malefic houses 3rd and 6th, Jupiter gives negative results.
Sun: as the lord of 11th House, the sun gives bad results.
Mars: here Mars rules two maraka houses, 2nd and 7th. But it can't give that, as both the maraka houses ruled by the same planet loses its power. And one more reason, as a natural malefic rule a Kendra house 7th, it gives neutral results.
For Libra ascendant, Jupiter or sun can cause death other than Mars.
Rahu and Ketu give results depending on their placement.

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