Horoscope of ' ravana brahma ', the king of Lanka

Ravanasura Horoscope AnalysisIt’s very interesting to know the horoscope of Ravana Brahma.
Ravana was a libra ascendant. Exalted Saturn and moon placed in lagna. For Libras Saturn is the raja yoga karaka. This planet made him excellent king.
Even 11th lord Sun exalted in 7th of Aries, and Mars exalted in 4th. Here sun aspects lagna along with Mars energy, this gives sudden and uncontrolled anger to a person. But when sun and Saturn aspects each other makes the person self-motivated, determined and a dedicated king.
Interesting combination, Venus and mercury. This gives soft and artistic voice. So we can expect that ravana had beautiful voice which attracts ppl. As Venus in 6th indicates, war or conflicts due to women. (due to sita). Exalted Venus in duel sign Pisces indicates multiple relationships.
Jupiter exalted in 10th house, this gave him excellent knowledge of many sastras, abounded wealth, happiness in life.
Ayurveda knowledge blessed by Saturn and moon conjunction in lagna.
Ravana horoscope indicates many yogas. 3 pancha mahapurusha yogas, sasa, hamsa and ruchika.
5 exalted planets. The only planet debilitated is "mercury". We know that what it meant for.
Coming to his high spirituality and shiv bhakthi, Jupiter exalted in moon House, moon placed in lagna with exalted Saturn. All these 3 planers made him highly spiritual. Ravana was an excellent astrologer. He controlled planets. His astrology knowledge was because of exalted Jupiter in moon House, moon and Saturn conjunction and aspects of sun. When these planets energised in one house, surely gives excellent astrology knowledge.

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