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Horoscope of Asctees SrideviI Am really feeling sad to analyse sridevi's horoscope. May her soul rest in peace
Sridevi is a cancer ascendant. Sun and Venus conjunction in lagna. Usually cancer ascendants will have well-structured body, Venus made her more beautiful. Sun brightened her Venus.
There is no need of dubbing for sridevi, as she can speak multiple languages. This is because of her mercury in 2nd house.
We all know that, she married bonikapoor in late thirty, because of 7th Saturn. Even the age gap also.
Her peak time in Bollywood was in rahu mahadasa. Rahu in 12th house made her Bollywood super star. (changed her place from South to North India) 1982 June to 2000 June her rahu mahardasha period.
Reasons for death:
Her Saturn mahadasa started in 2016, June. Saturn placed in 7th house became maraka. Saturn mahadasa, Saturn anthardasha, sun pratyantara dasa. Sun placed in lagna, lord of 2nd house, again maraka for cancerinas.
In transit, Saturn in Sagittarius. Sridevi's moon rasi is taurus. Now astama sani is running. Again dangerous.
For her Saturn became " maraka" as per mahadasa and even in transit.

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