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Transit of Saturn, results, and remedies

What is the effect of Saturn's transit on you?

Saturn enters Aquarius on January 17, 2023. What will be the effect of Saturn's transit on Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces?

Does Shani scare you? Or will the fear disappear?

Saturn will travel in Aquarius from January 17, 2023. Saturn in Leo begins today for Pisces and ends for Sagittarius. Many people have a similar fear of Saturn. The thought of what Shani will do and how many hardships he will cause makes them restless. But let's see whether Shani makes it difficult or suitable in that way.

Currently, Capricorn Aquarius, and from the 17th, Piscean will have Saturn on the day. Elinati Shani means Shani Gocharam is 12th, 1st, and 2nd from our Rasi. These three positions are so important because they represent our health, family, and way of life. The first house represents our mental health, physical health, and lifestyle. The second house represents our family and financial status. 12th house represents our expenses, health problems, and self-incrimination. Due to the transit of Karma Karaka Shani in these positions, the person will experience the results related to the respective positions. Shani gives us difficulties, but it removes our faults and past karma, not what causes us trouble. According to Shastra, apart from these three, Shani Gochara gives terrible results in the fourth and eighth houses. This is because Shani has transits in a sign for two and a half years. Shani Gochara is essential as it spends more time in a sign than on other planets. Shani is the factor of our work, profession, and karma. If Shani is favorable in the horoscope, the life of the horoscope will be good. It means that the person does any work properly. A person with a good Saturn horoscope avoids laziness and procrastination. A person who does any work on time will be promoted in life. Saturn is a planet that prioritizes work over thoughts. That is why the Moon, the factor of our thoughts, and the Sun, the factor of power to our pride, became enemies. If Shani is not good in the horoscope, the person will be lazy, do evil deeds and give up in the middle of work. Because of that, development in life takes time to happen. If we understand it correctly, we will understand that the results of Shani are not destructive but beneficial to our life.

Transiting effect of Saturn in 12th house

When Saturn is in the 12th house, our expenses will increase during the transit. But when Shani Gocharam is in the 11th house only when we choose the wrong ways to earn money or unjustly encroach on other money and property, then Shani Gocharam in the 12th house will cost that ill-gotten money. Moreover, when we have boredom with not spending money, we have to spend money, and that error in us will be removed. Because of that, we will be able to develop economically and physically in the future. When Saturn is in the 12th house, it is better to be arrogant in spending money or to reduce spending due to luxuries. Those who used to spend a lot of money on luxuries will now be able to realize the value of money instead of minimizing the lack of money. Shani makes us spend only our money and does not incur debts. At this time, if we want to reduce the effect of Shani, we should donate some money to the needy and also help the needy physically, and the effect of Shani will be reduced. Along with health, the financial condition will also improve.

Effect of transit of Saturn in 1st house

When Shani's transit is in the first house, mental and physical defects in us are removed. The laziness in us, our excessive love for ourselves, and our selfishness will go away at this time. When Shani is in the first house, we should be careful about what we do. At this time, we are lazy and careless, but problems arise. Moreover, we should control our thoughts. At this time, not only in the profession but also in the work we do, the carelessness and carelessness in us will go away due to the increase in responsibilities. To reduce the harmful effects of Shani at this time, you should leave laziness and complete any work with full responsibility and concentration. Only when you are negligent, changes in your job, or unexpected problems happen. Shani's influence will only bother you at this time if you perform your duties properly.

Effect of transit of Saturn in 2nd house

When Saturn transits over the second house, we will likely face family and financial problems. But these problems bring us closer to our families and do not alienate us from them. The extreme care and love that we have towards the family will not only decrease at this time. Still, we will also make you perform your responsibilities in a way that will benefit your family. Suppose you forget responsibilities or have a mindset of dominating your family more than loving them. In that case, Saturn will have a strong influence on you. Shani will not affect you if you are honest in your duties. Transit of Saturn in the second house removes your financial deficiencies and makes you financially strong. It will increase your expenses if you save too much during this time but spend less than you need. Also, spending enough money on your family or needs will give you more money and not loss.

Whatever the result of Shani may seem difficult for us at the time, it will help us in future development and not harm us. When the transit of Saturn is not good, if we work physically hard on ourselves, help others, and help those in need financially and physically, then the difficulty Shani gives us will be reduced.

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