Sun and Moon conjunction in Vedic astrology

Conjunction means, when two planets placed in one house at the same sign or rasi.
According to Vedic astrology sun represents father, authority, govt, self-confidence and soul of the person. Sun is a hot planet.
Moon represents mother, emotions, creativity, imagination, moods and mind. Moon is a watery planet.
Sun and moon conjunction In birth chart means person born on " no moon" or " amavasya". I don't want to go in to the matter whether it is good day or bad. As in some states it is auspicious and for few states it's not.
When fire and water placed together, naturally it creates steam. So when these two planets conjoined in one sign it produces sum steam with in the person that makes him strong determined. These ppl know what they want in their life. They don't have any fight with their personality. As the sole and body at one place.
In any conjunction degrees are very much important. The planet at lower degrees holds the authority over the other planet. Like sun at 5 degrees and moon at 15 degrees, sun will have more authority in this conjunction.
This conjunction gives raja yoga for Aries and Scorpio ascendants if they conjoined in kendra or trikone houses (1,4,7,10, & 5,9).
When moon is weak in strength and sun is strong, person suffers with the relation of parents mostly with mother. Usually these people are emotional in nature.

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