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Sun and Rahu conjunction in Vedic astrology

Sun represents authority, soul, self-confidence, father and king in Vedic astrology. Sun is government and politics.
Rahu is tricky, over obsessive, greedy, manipulative in nature. It's the North Node of the moon. Rahu represents the goals set up by the universe for us to accomplish in this life. No matter whether we like it or not. Rahu amplifies the qualities of the planet with its construction.
When Rahu conjoined with the sun, it amplifies the sun qualities. Natal looks to be very good confident and a great leader.
But Rahu gives eclipse to the sun. This may sometimes give a shadow of his confidence. A person suffers from fear and low self-esteem sometimes, but they really don't look like that, Rahu gives that image.
This conjunction has both good and bad effects...
Coming to good effects, this conjunction makes the natal successful politician with a good charisma, a great entrepreneur good artist. Politicians with this conjunction look like a sincere leader who does scams at back screen.
Coming to the negative side, relation with father suffers. Maybe father lives in foreign countries or his role may be absent.
After the age of 35 years, natal feels the real confidence within him, as Rahu releases sun from its eclipse.
This conjunction in Leo or Aries can give more power to the sun.

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