Competitive exams - students special

Its time to know the secrets " how to succeed the best" in competitive exams. With the help of astrology, we can improve our success rate at maximum.
For any kind competitive exams, mercury gives gud results. Jupiter is the karaka of education and mercury is the intelligence and logic. When the student appeared in this time periods ( it could be dasa or anthardasha or even pratyantara dasa), lot of chances for success. Even preparation in these time periods will give good remembrance.
We can make mercury more favourable to keep our mind sharp. Vishnu sahasranam, Lord vishnu is the adhi devatha of mercury. Chanting vishnu sahasranamam gives good intelligence. But its not possible for the students to chant 108 slokas. They can chant 4 slokas of their birth star. We have 27 stars, for each star 4 slokas...
108/27 =4
Starting from aswani nakshatra - 1 to 4
Bahrain nakshatra - 5 to 8....
Same way with other nakshatras.... Just count the star number, multiply with 4...will get the suitable slokas of your birth star. U can check in google also for this.
After mercury and Jupiter, we have some important houses in birth chart, which gives good success in competitive exams.
5th, 6th and 9th houses and its Lords, even the planets placed in could give success. 6th house is all about competition itself. When there is any chance to plan the exams... Try these periods

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