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261 Stanislaus Polish Variant of Stanislas: Glorious camp. M
262 Stefan Polish Crown. M
263 Sylwia Polish Polish form of Sylvia: from the woods. F
264 Szczepan Polish Crown. M
265 Tekli Polish Polish form of Tekla: divine fame. F
266 Telek Polish Cuts iron. M
267 Teodor Polish Polish form of Theodore. M
268 Teodory Polish Gift from God. F
269 Teodozji Polish Gift from God. F

270 Teos Polish Gift of God. M
271 Tesia Polish Farmer. F
272 Tolek Polish Gift of God. M
273 Tomislaw Polish Glory of the twin. M
274 Vanda Polish Polish form of Wanda: wanders. F
275 Waldemar Polish Mighty or famous. M
276 Walerian Polish Brave or strong. M
277 Waleron Polish Brave or strong. M
278 Weronikia Polish Polish form of Veronica: brings victory. F
279 Wicus Polish Polish form of Vincent 'victor'. M
280 Wienczyslaw Polish Victory. M

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