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Popular Norse names for girls and boys

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1 Aage Norse Ancestors. M
2 Aaric Norse Variant of Aric rule with mercy. M
3 Aase Norse Tree covered mountain. F
4 Aegileif Norse Daughter of Hrolf Helgason. F
5 Aegir Norse Of the gods. M
6 Aesir Norse Of the gods. M
7 Aevar Norse Son of Ketil. M
8 Afi Norse Grandfather. M
9 Age Norse Ancestors. M

10 Ake Norse Ancestors. M
11 Alberich Norse A mythical dwarf. M
12 Alfarin Norse Son of Hlif. M
13 Alfarinn Norse Son of Hlif. M
14 Alfdis Norse Spirit. F
15 Alfgeir Norse E!fin spear. M
16 Alfrigg Norse A mythical dwarf. M
17 Alfrothul Norse Of the sun. M
18 Alvis Norse Wise. M
19 Alviss Norse Wise. M
20 Ama Norse Eagle. F

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