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1 A'waan Muslim Helper. Assister.. M
2 A'zam Muslim Greatest. Biggest.. M
3 Aabid Muslim Worshipper. Adorer.. M
4 Aadam Muslim Variant of Adam: The Biblical Adam is the English language equivalent.. M
5 Aadeel Muslim Variant of Aadil: Just.. M
6 Aadi Hindi Beginning. M
7 Aadil Muslim Just.. M
8 Aaditva Hindi Variant of Aditya: The sun. M
9 Aage Norse Ancestors. M

10 Aaghaa Muslim Variant of Agha: Master. Owner.. M
11 Aakav Hindi Shape. M
12 Aakesh Hindi Lord of the sky. M
13 Aakif Muslim Given Attached.. M
14 Aakil Hindi Intelligent. M
15 Aalam Muslim World. Universe.. M
16 Aalamgeer Muslim Variant of Alamgir: Conqueror of the world.. M
17 Aalif Muslim Compassionate. Affectionate. M
18 Aalim Muslim Variant of Alim: Man of learning. Wise.. M
19 Aalok Hindi Light of God. M
20 Aamil Muslim Variant of Amil: Worker. Effective.. M

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