Popular Hawaiian Origin Baby Names

Popular Hawaiian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
101 Kai Hawaiian The sea. M
102 Kaia Hawaiian The sea. F

103 Kaila Hawaiian Style. F
104 Kaila Hawaiian Style. M
105 Kailani Hawaiian Sea and sky. F
106 Kaimi Hawaiian The seeker. M
107 Kalani Hawaiian The sky;chieftain. F
108 Kalani Hawaiian The sky; chieftain. M
109 Kalanie Hawaiian The sky;chieftain. F
110 Kalei Hawaiian The flower wreath; the beloved. F
111 Kalena Hawaiian The Hawaiian equivalent of Karen. F
112 Kali Hawaiian Hesitation. F
113 Kaloni Hawaiian The sky;chieftain. F

114 Kamea Hawaiian The one and only. F
115 Kameo Hawaiian The one and only. F
116 Kana Hawaiian A Maui demigod who could take the form of a rope and stretch from Molokai to Hawaii. M
117 Kani Hawaiian Sound. Also the Hawaiian equivalent of Sandy. F
118 Kanoa Hawaiian The free one. M
119 Keala Hawaiian The pathway. F
120 Keiki Hawaiian Child. F

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