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1 Abela Hawaiian Variant of Apela: Breath; breathing spirit (Hawaiian variant of Abel). M
2 Aberahama Hawaiian Variant of Apelahama: Father to many (Hawaiian variant of Abraham). M
3 Aberama Hawaiian Variant of Apelama: He who has many children. M
4 Abesaloma Hawaiian Variant of Apekaloma: Peaceful father. M
5 Abia Hawaiian Variant of Apia: God is my father. M
6 Abiram Hawaiian Variant of Apelama: He who has many children. M
7 Abisai Hawaiian Variant of Apikai: Gift of God; gift from God. M
8 Adamu Hawaiian Variant of Akamu: Red earth. M
9 Aderiela Hawaiian Variant of Akeliela: God's majesty. M

10 Adiriano Hawaiian Variant of Akiliano: From the city of Adrian. M
11 Adoniia Hawaiian Variant of Akoniia: The Lord is my God. M
12 Ahimeleka Hawaiian Biblical priest. M
13 Akamu Hawaiian Red earth. M
14 Akela Hawaiian Lucky. M
15 Akeliela Hawaiian God's majesty. M
16 Akiliano Hawaiian From the city of Adrian. M
17 Akoniia Hawaiian The Lord is my God. M
18 Alaka'i Hawaiian M. M
19 Alapai Hawaiian Variant of Alepeleke: Counselor; advisor. M
20 Alebana Hawaiian Variant of Alepana: From Alba. M

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