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Popular Slavic names for girls and boys

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121 Stannes Slavic Military glory. M
122 Stas Slavic Military glory. M
123 Stasio Slavic Stand of glory. M
124 Stefan Slavic Crown; wreath. Variant of Stephen. M
125 Suzan Slavic Variant of Hebrew Susannah. F
126 Tanis Slavic Spanish abbreviation of Estanislao 'make famous' from the name borne by several Slavic kings and three saints. F
127 Terez Slavic Variant of Theresa which is a popular saint's name of uncertain meaning. F
128 Terezia Slavic Variant of Theresa which is a popular saint's name of uncertain meaning. F
129 Tibor Slavic Holy place. M

130 Vaclar Slavic Wreath of glory. M
131 Valdislava Slavic Glorious ruler. F
132 Valeska Slavic Glorious ruler. F
133 Varina Slavic Foreigner. F
134 Varvara Slavic Foreigner. F
135 Vasek Slavic Wreath of glory. M
136 Vassily Slavic Slavic form of Basil kinglike. M
137 Velika Slavic Great. F
138 Vimka Slavic Universal ruler. M
139 Vladik Slavic Wreath of glory. M
140 Vladimer Slavic Universal ruler. M

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