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3101 Virgilia Latin Staff bearer. F
3102 Virgilio Latin Flourishing. M
3103 Virgina Latin Chaste; virginal. F
3104 Virginia Latin Blossoming; Chaste; virginal. F
3105 Viridianai Latin Green. An Italian saint's name. F
3106 Virilis Latin Fortuna's surname. F
3107 Virtus Latin Virtue. F
3108 Vita Latin Life. F
3109 Vital Latin Lively. M

3110 Vitale Latin Lively. M
3111 Vitenka Latin Conqueror. M
3112 Vitia Latin Life. F
3113 Vito Latin Conqueror or lively. M
3114 Vittoria Latin Triumphant. F
3115 Vittorio Latin Conqueror. M
3116 Vitus Latin Lively. M
3117 Viv Latin Diminutive of Viva: Alive. F
3118 Viva Latin Alive. F
3119 Vivia Latin Variant of Viva: Alive. F
3120 Vivian Latin Lively. F

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