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Popular Celtic names for girls and boys

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101 Bard Celtic Minstrel; a singer-poet. M
102 Barden Celtic Minstrel; a singer-poet. M
103 Bardon Celtic Minstrel; a singer-poet. M
104 Barra Celtic Marksman. M
105 Barry Celtic Marksman. M
106 Beacan Celtic Small. M
107 Bearacb Celtic Marksman. M
108 Bearcban Celtic Marksman. M
109 Beatha Celtic Life. F

110 Becan Celtic Small. M
111 Bedelia Celtic A variant of Bridget, who was the mythic Celtic goddess of fire and poetry. F
112 Bedwyr Celtic Arthurian legend name. M
113 Bendigeidfran Celtic Name of a king. M
114 Berit Celtic Splendid. F
115 Berta Celtic Splendid. F
116 Betha Celtic Life. F
117 Bevan Celtic Young soldier. M
118 Bevin Celtic Young soldier. M
119 Bevyn Celtic Young soldier. M
120 Birgit Celtic Splendid or strong. F

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