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Popular Celtic names for girls and boys

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641 Penarddun Celtic Mythical daughter of Beli. F
642 Pert Celtic From the thorn bush or thicket. M
643 Perth Celtic From the thorn bush or thicket. M
644 Phelan Celtic Wolf. M
645 Piran Celtic St. Piran is the Cornish patron saint of miners. M
646 Powell Celtic Son of Howell. M
647 Pryderi Celtic Care. M
648 Pwyll Celtic Mythical lord of Annwn. M
649 Quin Celtic Wise. M

650 Quinn Celtic Wise. M
651 Reagan Celtic Regal. M
652 Reaghan Celtic Nobility. F
653 Reaghan Celtic Regal. M
654 Regan Celtic Nobility. F
655 Regan Celtic Regal. M
656 Reghan Celtic Regal. M
657 Rhiannon Celtic Mythical daughter of Hefeydd. F
658 Ronan Celtic Oath. M
659 Ronat Celtic Seal. F
660 Rowena Celtic White or comely. F

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