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Popular Norse names for girls and boys

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801 Thorgunna Norse Thor's fighter. F
802 Thorhadd Norse Son of Stein. M
803 Thorhalla Norse Daughter of Asgrim. F
804 Thorhild Norse Thor's maiden. F
805 Thorhilda Norse Thor's maiden. F
806 Thoridyss Norse Spirit of Thor. F
807 Thorir Norse Goddess. F
808 Thorir Norse Son of Asa. M
809 Thorkatla Norse Wife of Mord. F

810 Thorkel Norse A sorcerer. M
811 Thorlak Norse Bishop of Skalholt. M
812 Thorleif Norse Thor's descendant. M
813 Thorleik Norse Son of Bolli. M
814 Thormod Norse Son of Odd. M
815 Thorolf Norse Thor's wolf. M
816 Thorstein Norse Thor's rock. M
817 Thorualdr Norse Thor ruler. M
818 Thorunn Norse Mother of Bishop of Bjorn. F
819 Thorunna Norse Mother of Bishop of Bjorn. F
820 Thorvald Norse Son of Asvald. M

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