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Popular Maori names for girls and boys

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21 Heeni Maori Maori form of Jane. F
22 Huhana Maori Maori form of Susan. F
23 Katarina Maori Maori form of Catherine. F
24 Makareta Maori Maori form of Margaret. F
25 Marama Maori Light of the world. F
26 Mere Maori Maori form of Mary. F
27 Moana Maori Large body of water. Lake. F
28 Ngaire Maori Silver fern. F
29 Nyree Maori Maori name made popular by New Zealand actress Nyree Dawn Porter. F

30 Pounamu Maori A treasured gift. F
31 Ruihi Maori Maori form of Lucy. F
32 Tahupotiki Maori Beloved child F

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