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1521 Wendall German Traveler; wanderer. M
1522 Wendel German Wanders. M
1523 Wendell German Wanderer. Famous Bearer: American writer Sir Oliver Wendell Holmes. M
1524 Wendy German Variant of Wanda: Family; Wanderer. F
1525 Werner German Defending warrior. M
1526 Wido German Warrior maiden. F
1527 Wido German An Old German name meaning wood. M
1528 Wilbart German Resolute or brilliant. M
1529 Wilber German Willful; bright. M

1530 Wilbert German Resolute or brilliant. M
1531 Wilbur German Resolute or brilliant. M
1532 Wilburn German Willful; bright. M
1533 Wilburt German Resolute or brilliant. M
1534 Wilda German Untamed. F
1535 Wilde German Untamed. F
1536 Wilford German Desires peace. M
1537 Wilfred German Resolute or peaceful. M
1538 Wilfredo German Desires peace. M
1539 Wilfrid German Resolute or peaceful. M
1540 Wilhelm German German form of William. M

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