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2261 Zayd Muslim Superabundance.. M
2262 Zaynab Muslim Variant of Zainab: Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.. F
2263 Zaynah Muslim Beautiful.. F
2264 Zeahire Muslim Outstanding. Distinguished.. F
2265 Zeenat Muslim Variant of Zinat: Decoration. Beauty.. F
2266 Zinat Muslim Decoration. Beauty.. F
2267 Ziyaad Muslim Variant of Ziyad: Extra. More. Increase. Super abundance.. M
2268 Ziyad Muslim Extra. More. Increase. Super abundance.. M
2269 Zubaida Muslim High hill.. F

2270 Zubaidah Muslim Excellent.. F
2271 Zuhayr Muslim Bright.. M
2272 Zuhoor Muslim Variant of Zuhur: Appearing. Arising.. M
2273 Zuhr Muslim Variant of Duhr: Forenoon.. F
2274 Zuhra Muslim Venus. Star. F
2275 Zuhur Muslim Appearing. Arising.. M
2276 Zulkifl Muslim Variant of Ulkifl: The Biblical Ezekiel is the English language equivalent.. M

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