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Popular Finnish names for girls and boys

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1 Anneli Finnish Variant of Hebrew Hannah: Favor. Grace. F
2 Annikki Finnish Bitter. F
3 Antti Finnish Finnish form of Andrew. M
4 Anttiri Finnish Mannish. F
5 Dorotea Finnish God's gift. F
6 Eeva Finnish Life. F
7 Eikki Finnish Powerful. M
8 Heikki Finnish Finnish form of Henry. M
9 Heikkinen Finnish Son of Henry. M

10 Helli Finnish Finnish form of Helen. F
11 Ingria Finnish Hero's daughter. F
12 Inkeri Finnish Hero's daughter. F
13 Jaakkina Finnish Feminine form of Jukka. F
14 Jani Finnish Finnish form of John. M
15 Janne Finnish Feminine form of Jukka. F
16 Jarvi Finnish Lake. M
17 Johan Finnish Finnish form of John. M
18 Joki Finnish River. M
19 Joosef Finnish Finnish form of Joseph. M
20 Joosep Finnish Finnish form of Joseph. M

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