Tula Rasi (Libra Sign) 2024 Rashi Phal (Rashifal)

Tula Rasi (Libra Sign) 2024 Rashi Phal (Rashifal) Career, Finance, Health, Family, Education and Remedies

This year forecast is based on Moon sign or janma rashi not Sun sign or western Astrology based. If you do not know your moon sign or rashi please Click here to know your Moon sign or rashi

Tula Rashi Year 2021Rashiphal (Rashifal) People born under Chitta (3,4 Pada), Swati (4), Vishakha (1, 2, 3 Pada) comes under Tula rashi. Lord of this rashi is Venus.

Libra sign (Tula rashi) – 2024 Year Horoscope (Rashiphal)

For those born under the Libra zodiac sign, the planetary positions in 2024 are as follows: Saturn will be in Aquarius, in the 5th house, Rahu in Pisces, in the 6th house, and Ketu in Virgo, in the 12th house. Until May 1st, Jupiter will be in Aries, in the 7th house, and after that, for the rest of the year, it will be in Taurus, in the 8th house.

Business prospects for the year 2024 for Libra sign (Tula Rashi)

For Libra entrepreneurs, the period until May 1st will be highly favorable. Jupiter's transit in the 7th house until this date will bring significant growth in business. New business deals during this time can lead to both business and financial growth. The influence of Jupiter on the 3rd and 11th houses suggests that assistance from friends or acquaintances will be pivotal in business expansion. Important business deals need their help to come to fruition. Rahu's transit in the 6th house also indicates that support from banks or financial institutions will help in business development. Initiating a new business or investing in business ventures before May 1st is recommended, as the period after that is not favorable for investments. During this time, legal issues or disputes related to business will be resolved favorably due to the beneficial transit of Jupiter and Rahu.

However, after May 1st, Jupiter's transit in the 8th house might bring some challenges in business, possibly due to competitors or business partners. These issues could lead to a slowdown in business or reduced profits. Saturn's aspect on the 7th house may cause difficulties in business due to self-made mistakes or financial losses. Despite challenges brought by Rahu's transit in the 6th house, there will be opportunities to overcome these difficulties. However, new business deals or starts during this time are not highly recommended. Caution is advised against being swayed by others into making financial investments in business. If it becomes necessary to engage in such deals, seeking advice from experts or well-wishers is advisable.

The transit of Ketu in the 12th house throughout the year may cause you to focus more on potential losses. Others' involvement in your thoughts and actions might prevent you from making independent decisions. It's best to think things through thoroughly before making decisions.

Career prospects for the year 2024 for Libra sign (Tula Rashi)

For those born under the Libra zodiac sign, the year 2024 will bring mixed results in terms of employment. The transit of Jupiter will be favorable until May 1st, indicating career development. Especially with Jupiter's aspect on the house of gains, you'll not only achieve success in your tasks but also experience career growth. Additionally, during this period, cooperation from superiors or colleagues will aid in your professional advancement. Those seeking a career change or transfer to a desired location will find favorable outcomes. With Jupiter's aspect on the first house, your sincerity and focus in work will earn you appreciation from superiors and affection from colleagues. Your advice and assistance will prove beneficial to your coworkers.

After May 1st, as Jupiter transits to the 8th house, there will be some changes in circumstances. The support you previously enjoyed in your profession may diminish. Envy or hostility from others might arise, leading some to try to create difficulties for you. There might be attempts to tarnish your reputation or bring up past mistakes to embarrass you. It's best to face these challenges courageously and with integrity.

The transit of Ketu in the 12th house may occasionally make you feel anxious or hesitant in decision-making or defending yourself against allegations. You might also feel isolated or underrated at your workplace.

However, Rahu's transit in the 6th house throughout the year is extremely favorable, enabling you to confront challenges effectively. Even if others attempt to harm you, your counteractions will cause them to retreat. Continuous effort is required to achieve the desired position or status in your job.

The transit of Saturn in the 5th house from May 1st necessitates caution in speech and actions at work. Hastily given commitments or meddling in unrelated tasks could lead to problems. It's advisable to focus on assigned tasks to avoid unnecessary complications. Often, easy promises can lead to difficulties in fulfillment, potentially damaging your reputation.

In summary, while the year starts favorably for Libra natives in terms of employment, careful handling of relationships and responsibilities, especially after May 1st, will be crucial for maintaining and enhancing their professional standing.

Financial prospects for the year 2024 for Libra sign (Tula Rashi)

For those born under the Libra zodiac sign, the financial outlook for the year is mixed. The first half of the year is favorable, thanks to Jupiter's transit in the 7th house until May 1st. This period promises financial gains. Jupiter's aspect on the 11th, 1st, and 3rd houses suggests that investments, especially those in real estate or business made in the past, will yield good returns. This improves your financial condition and may allow for the acquisition of fixed assets. Your decisions during this time will be profitable, benefiting not only you but also others who follow your advice.

However, after May 1st, when Jupiter transits to the 8th house, some changes will occur in your financial situation. There might be a decrease in income or delays in expected financial inflows. Investments made during this time may not bring the anticipated profits and could even lead to losses. Hastily made expenses or investments, driven by overconfidence or impulse, may not yield any benefits, potentially causing financial stress. Money lent to others may not be returned as expected, leading to a loss or delay in recovery. It's advisable to avoid large investments during this period; if necessary, consult experts in the relevant fields before investing.

Rahu's favorable transit throughout the year may provide some financial relief even in the second half, with unexpected sources of income, possibly through loans or financial aid. This will help meet your needs without significant difficulty.

Ketu's transit in the 12th house and Saturn's in the 5th house are not particularly favorable for financial matters. These transits may lead to investments in unprofitable ventures or unnecessary expenses. You might be susceptible to falling for temptations or getting cheated financially. It's better to make low-risk investments with modest returns than high-risk ones promising high returns. Always seek advice from experts or well-wishers before making significant financial decisions.

Family prospects for the year 2024 for Libra sign (Tula Rashi)

For those born under the Libra zodiac, the family life in the coming year will present a mix of outcomes. Until May 1st, Jupiter's transit in the 7th house will strengthen relationships, particularly between spouses. Misunderstandings or doubts from the past will be resolved, leading to an increase in love and affection. Jupiter's aspect on the 11th and 3rd houses will enhance relationships with siblings, contributing to their progress and success in their respective fields. The aspect of Jupiter on the 1st house will keep you cheerful and make efforts to maintain a happy family environment. This period is favorable for family trips and for unmarried individuals looking to get married, as well as for couples hoping for children.

However, from May 1st, as Jupiter transits to the 8th house, some challenges may arise in family life. Health or financial issues of elder family members may disturb peace. Jupiter's aspect on the 12th, 2nd, and 4th houses might necessitate spending time away from home due to work or other reasons, but strong family bonds will prevent any significant distress from this separation. Caution in communication is advised during this period to avoid unintentionally hurting family members with harsh words. Any mistakes made will likely be realized and efforts to rectify them will be made, thanks to Jupiter's aspect on the 2nd house.

Saturn's transit in the 5th house throughout the year calls for attention to children's health and their activities, especially if they are away from home for education or work, causing some concern.

As transit of Rahu is in the sixth house throughout this year, even if problems arise, you will make an effort to courageously confront them. However, Ketu's transit in the 12th house may sometimes lead to feelings of isolation or overprotectiveness towards family members. It is advisable to engage in activities that keep you occupied and avoid giving too much importance to negative thoughts, which will help mitigate Ketu's adverse effects.

Health prospects for the year 2024 for Libra sign (Tula Rashi)

For those born under the Libra zodiac sign, this year will bring mixed results in terms of health. Until May 1, Jupiter's transit will be favorable, ensuring good health. Although you might face minor health issues, you'll recover quickly. Jupiter's aspect on the 1st house will enhance your immune system, and you will be more determined to maintain good health, making efforts to improve it. Consequently, not only will your health improve, but past health issues may also diminish.

After May 1, as Jupiter transits to the 8th house, there will be changes in health. Particularly, a negligent attitude towards health may develop, leading to health issues due to lack of proper care. The unfavorable transit of Jupiter may bring problems related to the liver, diabetes, obesity, and spinal issues. Most of these issues will likely arise due to poor dietary habits and lack of exercise.

Throughout the year, with Saturn's transit in the 5th house, special attention is required for heart, dental, urinary, and bone-related health issues. Saturn's aspect on the 11th and 2nd houses may prolong recovery from illnesses, so vigilance in health matters is advisable. Following proper diet, yoga, and pranayama are beneficial.

With Rahu's transit in the 6th house this year, you will face health issues but will tackle them without losing heart. Initially, you may be careless, but later, increased attention to health will lead to improvement. Ketu's transit in the 12th house may sometimes cause mental health issues. You may worry excessively over minor matters, overthink problems, or become unduly anxious. It's better to engage yourself in activities to avoid overthinking caused by Ketu, which will strengthen you both physically and mentally.

Educational prospects for the year 2024 for Libra sign (Tula Rashi)

For students born under the Libra zodiac sign, this year brings mixed results in education. Until May 1st, Jupiter's transit is favorable, which will help them excel in their studies. Jupiter's aspect on the 1st, 3rd, and 11th houses will not only increase their interest in studies but also their eagerness to learn new things. They will work hard to achieve the levels they aspire to and succeed in their attempts to gain admission to their desired educational institutions for higher studies.

From May 1st, as Jupiter transits to the 8th house, students may develop an attitude of arrogance and negligence towards their studies, feeling content with their achievements and neglecting further efforts. This attitude may prevent them from reaping the full benefits of their previous hard work.

Throughout the year, Rahu's transit in the 6th house will instill a competitive spirit in students to achieve better results than their peers. They will remain undeterred in their efforts, overcoming obstacles with determination and hard work. However, Ketu's transit in the 12th house may sometimes cause a decline in confidence and fear of failure due to their negligence or mistakes.

For those preparing for competitive exams, the period until May 1st is highly favorable. Jupiter's aspect on the 1st house will encourage them to work tirelessly towards their goals. They will seek advice and guidance from experts and experienced individuals in their field. However, from May 1st onwards, Jupiter's transit becoming unfavorable, combined with Saturn's transit in the 5th house throughout the year, will require them to put in extra effort, particularly in exams, where they may face some challenges. Despite obstacles, if they maintain their determination and resolve, they can achieve success in exams and secure the job they desire.

Remedies to perform for the year 2024 for Libra sign (Tula Rashi)

For those born under the Libra zodiac sign, performing remedies for Jupiter, Saturn, and Ketu is advised this year. Due to Saturn's transit in the 5th house, there may be issues related to progeny and health, so performing remedies for Saturn can mitigate its adverse effects. Regularly performing Saturn pooja, reciting Saturn stotras, or chanting Saturn mantras, especially on Saturdays, is beneficial. Additionally, reciting the Hanuman Chalisa or any Hanuman stotra can be helpful. Along with spiritual remedies, serving physically challenged people, orphans, and the elderly can also reduce Saturn's negative impact. Physical labor and addressing personal flaws highlighted by Saturn can also be transformative.

From May 1st, Jupiter transits to the 8th house, so performing Jupiter remedies will help reduce its negative influence. This can include reciting Jupiter stotras or mantras on Thursdays. Respecting teachers and elders and assisting students in their education are also effective remedies for Jupiter.

With Ketu transiting the 12th house throughout the year, performing Ketu remedies can help alleviate health and financial issues. Chanting Ketu mantras or reciting Ketu stotras, especially on Tuesdays, is recommended. Additionally, reciting Ganesha stotras can also help mitigate Ketu's adverse effects.

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Please Note: All these predictions are based on planetary transits and these are Moon sign based predictions only. These are just indicative only, not personalised predictions.

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