Kanya Rasi (Virgo Sign) 2024 Rashi Phal (Rashifal)

Kanya Rasi (Virgo Sign) 2024 Rashi Phal (Rashifal) Career, Finance, Health, Family, Education and Remedies

This year forecast is based on Moon sign or janma rashi not Sun sign or western Astrology based. If you do not know your moon sign or rashi please Click here to know your Moon sign or rashi

Kanya Rashi Year 2021Rashiphal (Rashifal) People born under Uttara Nakshatra (2, 3, 4 Pada), Hasta Nakshatra (4 padas), Chitta Nakshatra (1, 2 Pada) comes under Kanya rashi. Lord of this rashi is Mercury.

Virgo horoscope for the year 2024

For those born under the Virgo zodiac sign in 2024, Saturn will transit in Aquarius, in the 6th house, Rahu in Pisces, in the 7th house, and Ketu in Virgo, in the 1st house. Until May 1st, Jupiter will transit in Aries, in the 8th house, and then move to Taurus, in the 9th house.

Business prospects for year 2024 for Virgo sign (Kanya Rashi)

This year brings mixed results for Virgo entrepreneurs. Rahu's transit in the 7th house throughout the year and Jupiter's transit in the 8th house until May 1st may cause some business problems. These could be due to disputes with partners or legal issues, leading to financial expenses and some business setbacks. However, these issues could arise from hasty decisions or being overly influenced by others. Staying honest and resisting external temptations and relying on your own abilities will help navigate these challenges without significant loss.

From May 1st, Jupiter's favorable transit in the 9th house will aid business growth. Past legal or business issues will resolve, and any tarnished reputation or slander will be cleared. Assistance from elders or legal experts will be beneficial. Jupiter's aspect on the 1st, 5th, and 9th houses will support decision-making, actions, and investments, leading to business progress. Reconciliation with estranged business partners or new partnerships are likely, providing opportunities to advance your business.

Saturn's favorable transit in the 6th house indicates that support from your employees will contribute to your business growth. However, with Ketu's transit in the 1st house, there may be an underlying fear or hesitation, even when making courageous decisions or attempting to advance your business. This could lead to indecisiveness or missed opportunities. In such situations, it's advisable to seek guidance from well-wishers or experienced individuals before making important business decisions.

Career prospects for the year 2024 for Virgo Sign (Kanya Rashi)

For those born under the Virgo zodiac sign, the year 2024 will be largely favorable in terms of employment. However, until May 1st, the non-favorable transits of Jupiter and Rahu might bring some challenges in the workplace, particularly in the first four months. Misunderstandings with colleagues and minor conflicts may disturb your peace of mind. There might be a lack of support at work, and delays in completing assigned tasks could lead to embarrassment with superiors. It's advisable not to overcommit or take on tasks beyond your capacity, as this could lead to underperformance and a diminished reputation among peers. Rahu's transit in the 7th house may lead to someone trying to create obstacles in your work.

Saturn's favorable transit assures job security and the absence of major professional issues. From May 1st, with Jupiter's favorable transit in the 9th house, professional problems will start to resolve. You might get a transfer or promotion, or those causing you trouble may move away, easing the situation. Your decisions and actions will lead to success and recognition in your job, and you might receive government recognition or public appreciation for your work. Financially, this period will be beneficial, and opportunities for foreign travel or returning from abroad will improve.

However, throughout the year, Rahu's transit in the 7th house and Ketu's transit in the 1st house may intermittently bring professional or personal challenges. Persistence in facing these obstacles without despair will yield the desired outcomes. Sometimes, fear or doubt might prevent you from undertaking achievable tasks. In such situations, seeking advice from experts or well-wishers in your field is recommended. Remembering that these fears and anxieties won't cause any significant personal harm can also be reassuring.

Financial prospects for the year 2024 for Virgo sign (Kanya Rashi)

For individuals born under the Virgo zodiac sign, this year will begin with average financial conditions for the first four months, but the remaining eight months will be highly favorable. This period will see a resolution of financial issues that have persisted over the past year. Until May 1st, the influence of Jupiter in the 8th house and the aspect of Saturn on the 8th and 12th houses will lead to higher expenses. You may find yourself spending money for family needs, health-related issues of family members, and luxuries.

From May 1st, as Jupiter's transit becomes favorable, your financial situation will start to improve. With reduced expenses and increased income, financial growth is achievable. Both your profession and business ventures are likely to be more profitable, enabling you to save money again. This period also presents opportunities for income through real estate, either through sales or rentals. You may also invest in property or vehicles during this time.

Saturn's transit in the 6th house throughout the year implies that despite increased expenses due to its influence and the non-favorable Jupiter transit in the early months, the subsequent favorable transit of Jupiter will bring positive financial outcomes. The transit of Saturn in the 6th house may bring financial gains through clearance of pending dues in employment, victories in legal cases or property disputes.

This year, you might also spend money on spiritual activities and pilgrimages. The transit of Jupiter, the planet of wealth, in the house of fortune will bring luck in financial matters. However, the continuous transit of Rahu in the 7th house and the aspect of Saturn on the 8th and 12th houses suggest that prioritizing earnings through hard work over reliance on luck is advisable. Relying solely on fortune without putting in the necessary effort may not yield beneficial financial returns.

Family prospects for the year 2024 for Virgo Sign (Kanya Rashi)

For those born under the Virgo zodiac sign, this year will bring mixed results in family matters. The first four months may present some challenges due to the non-favorable transits of Rahu and Jupiter. These issues could be related to health problems within the family, conflicts between spouses, or misunderstandings among family members, leading to a lack of peace at home. Additionally, external interference in family matters and the influence of others on your family members may cause unnecessary problems. There might be concerns regarding the health of children or a life partner, leading to a stressful and exhausting period.

However, Saturn's favorable transit will instill courage and enthusiasm, helping you face these challenges effectively. Rahu’s transit in the 7th house could lead to misunderstandings between spouses, where communication issues and power struggles may indirectly trouble other family members. Ketu's transit in the 1st house might occasionally make you feel isolated or misunderstood, even if there’s no real issue, leading to feelings of neglect and increased suspicions.

From May 1st, Jupiter's transit in the 9th house will begin to alleviate family and personal issues. Jupiter's aspect on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th houses will improve the health of your children and dissolve mental uncertainties, strengthening you psychologically and resolving conflicts within the family. Jupiter's aspect on the 3rd house also indicates support and progress for your siblings. Your children will achieve success in their respective fields.

If you are unmarried and looking forward to marriage, the second half of the year holds a favorable prospect for marriage. For those married and awaiting children, this year also brings a strong chance of parenthood.

Throughout the year, Ketu’s transit in the 1st house may trigger unnecessary fears and doubts. It's important to confront these feelings rather than succumbing to them and creating problems for yourself and your family. The fears that arise during this period are unlikely to manifest in real life, so there’s no need for undue worry.

Health prospects for the year 2024 for Virgo sign (Kanya Rashi)

For those born under the Virgo zodiac sign, the first four months of this year might be somewhat challenging in terms of health, but the rest of the year looks favorable. Until May 1st, with Jupiter transiting the 8th house, it's important to be cautious about health. This period might bring issues related to the liver, spine, and bones. More than physical health, there's a likelihood of mental stress and anxiety, where even minor health issues could be perceived as severe, leading to frequent hospital visits or medical tests.

Your immunity might slightly decrease, so extra caution is advised against contagious diseases and respiratory and digestive issues. However, from May 1st, Jupiter's favorable transit will start improving your health. Pre-existing health issues will begin to subside, and you'll feel stronger mentally. Jupiter's aspect on the 1st and 5th houses will help resolve longstanding health issues. Saturn's transit in the 6th house will also contribute to improving your health condition. Proper medication and treatments will help you overcome your health problems.

Throughout the year, Rahu's transit in the 7th house and Ketu's transit in the 1st house require you to be vigilant about both physical and mental health. Especially, Ketu in the 1st house can intensify internal fears and doubts. This might lead to unnecessary anxiety about health issues affecting others, fearing they might affect you too. However, from May 1st, with Jupiter's favorable transit, there's no need for excessive worry as serious health issues are unlikely. It's important to take necessary precautions for maintaining good health, but ensure they don't become a source of inconvenience to yourself or others.

Educational prospects for the year 2024 for Virgo sign (Kanya Rashi)

For students born under the Virgo zodiac sign, this year will generally be favorable. Despite facing some obstacles in education at the beginning of the year, they will be able to overcome them successfully. Until May 1st, Jupiter's transit in the 8th house might cause a lackadaisical attitude towards studies. During this time, students might look for easy ways to pass exams, leading to wasted time and unsatisfactory outcomes. They may also ignore advice and instructions from teachers and elders, potentially missing out on opportunities.

However, Saturn's favorable transit in the 6th house throughout the year ensures that students eventually realize their mistakes and put in the effort required for success in their studies and exams. From May 1st, as Jupiter's transit becomes favorable, the previous lack of interest and negligence in studies will diminish. Students will develop a greater interest in their studies and a desire to learn new things, seeking guidance and support from teachers and elders. The effort they put in during this period will help them achieve good marks in exams and improve their knowledge.

During Jupiter's transit through the 9th house, students will have opportunities for higher education at premier institutions, either domestically or abroad. This will significantly enhance their future prospects. The influence of Ketu in the 1st house throughout the year may initially cause a lack of concentration in studies. Especially until May 1st, when Jupiter's transit is not favorable, Ketu's influence will be stronger, leading to distractions and unnecessary stress. However, with the support of teachers and elders, students will be able to overcome these challenges. The remainder of the year, with Jupiter's aspect on Ketu, will not cause such mental states.

For those attempting competitive exams for employment, the year is favorable. Although Jupiter's transit may not be beneficial until May, Saturn's favorable transit and Jupiter's improvement post-May will ensure that their efforts yield the desired job. However, due to the unfavorable transit of Rahu and Ketu, they will need to persistently work towards their goals despite facing challenges.

Remedies for the year 2024 for Virgo sign (Kanya Rashi)

For those born under the Virgo zodiac sign, this year Jupiter's transit until May 1st and Rahu-Ketu's transit throughout the year are not favorable. Performing remedial measures for these planets can mitigate their adverse effects.

Jupiter Remedies (Until May 1st): Jupiter's transit in the 8th house may cause financial and health issues. To reduce the negative impact of Jupiter, it is beneficial to recite the Guru Stotra or chant the Guru mantra daily or every Thursday. Additionally, respecting teachers and elders and helping students in their education in any way possible is also recommended.

Rahu Remedies: With Rahu transiting the 7th house, to alleviate its adverse effects, reciting the Rahu Stotra or chanting the Rahu mantra every day or every Saturday is advisable. Additionally, reciting the Durga Stotra or Durga Saptashati can also help reduce the negative impact of Rahu.

Ketu Remedies: Since Ketu is transiting the 1st house, to mitigate its unfavorable outcomes, reciting the Ketu Stotra or chanting the Ketu mantra daily or every Tuesday is beneficial. Moreover, reciting the Ganapati Stotra, Atharvashirsha, or performing Ganapati Abhishekam is also helpful.

These remedial measures are aimed at pacifying the malefic effects of these planets and fostering a more harmonious year ahead. It's important to perform these remedies with devotion and consistency for the best results.

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Please Note: All these predictions are based on planetary transits and these are Moon sign based predictions only. These are just indicative only, not personalised predictions.

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