Simha Rasi (Leo Sign) 2024 Rashi Phal (Rashifal)

Simha Rasi (Leo Sign) 2024 Rashi Phal (Rashifal) Career, Finance, Health, Family, Education and Remedies

This year forecast is based on Moon sign or janma rashi not Sun sign or western Astrology based. If you do not know your moon sign or rashi please Click here to know your Moon sign or rashi

Simha Rashi Year 2021Rashiphal (Rashifal) People born under Makha (4), Purva Phalghuni (Pubba)(4), Uttara Phalghuni(1st Pada) comes under Simha rashi. Lord of this rashi is Sun.

Leo Zodiac Sign - 2024 year Astrological Predictions

For those born under the Leo zodiac sign, throughout this year, Saturn will transit in Aquarius (7th house), Rahu in Pisces (8th house), and Ketu in Virgo (2nd house). Jupiter will be in Aries (9th house) at the beginning of the year and will move into Taurus (10th house) from May 1.

Business prospects for the year 2024 for Leo sign (Simha Rashi)

Leo entrepreneurs will experience mixed results in business this year. Saturn's transit in the 7th house and Rahu's in the 8th house will slow down business progress. However, Jupiter's favorable position in the 9th house until April ensures financial stability despite slow business. Conflicts with business partners, mainly due to differences of opinion and increased confrontations, will distract from business focus.

Rahu's presence in the 8th house might cause financial disputes with partners. There's a possibility that significant business deals may not conclude or stall midway. Efforts to resolve conflicts amicably can overcome business challenges brought by these planetary positions.

Saturn's transit in the 7th house may lead to frequent problems with customers or incomplete business agreements. Changes made in the business location might also cause inconvenience. It's advisable to steer clear of legal complications and ensure integrity in taxation and other government-related affairs.

Jupiter's transit in the 10th house from May 1 will bring solutions to business problems, often through unexpected help, and also favor finances. Past investments might yield profits, aiding business development. Caution with employees is advised, as their non-cooperation or quitting at crucial times might pose challenges. Independence in handling tasks can largely circumvent these issues.

Employment prospects for the year 2024 for Leo sign (Simha Rashi)

For those born under the Leo zodiac sign, this year will bring mixed results in their careers. Jupiter's transit will be highly favorable until May 1st, facilitating professional growth. Luck will favor your efforts, leading to success in your career and appreciation from superiors. You may also experience a transfer to your desired location or an opportunity to travel abroad. Your ideas and creativity will not only bring you success but also showcase your talent to society. Jupiter's aspect on the first house ensures that you can handle even the most challenging work cheerfully.

The first half of the year is particularly favorable for those aspiring to work abroad or seeking promotions. However, after May, with Jupiter's transit into the 10th house, you may face some changes in your career. You might have to work incessantly due to a promotion, and a lack of cooperation from colleagues could lead to stress. Avoid undertaking tasks beyond your capability during this period.

Saturn's transit in the 7th house throughout the year may sometimes lead to a lack of recognition despite hard work, causing disappointment. Especially after May 1st, with Jupiter's shift, you may face challenges in your profession from others. Even the tasks that you used to do easily in the past will now have to be completed with some difficulty due to the lack of cooperation. Be wary of people who might claim credit for your work, which could lead to a loss of recognition for you. Also, there might be attempts by colleagues or others to sabotage your work, so avoid blindly trusting anyone. It's a good time to let go of pride and arrogance in work-related matters.

Rahu's transit in the 8th house may occasionally put you in situations where you have to apologize for mistakes you didn't commit. It's best to work independently and avoid getting involved in others' matters to navigate this year with fewer professional problems. This period is an opportunity to test your patience and improve your flaws. Understanding and confronting these challenges will enable you to overcome them.

Financial prospects for the year 2024 for Leo sign (Simha Rashi)

This year, individuals born under the Leo zodiac sign will experience mixed financial results. Especially until May 1st, Jupiter's transit will be favorable, leading to an improvement in financial status. There will be an increase in income, which may lead to investments in real estate. Jupiter's transit through the 9th house brings luck in many aspects, enhancing income. However, this situation lasts only until May 1st, so relying solely on luck for financial matters is not advisable. Jupiter, being the lord of the 5th house and transiting through the 9th house, along with its aspect on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th houses, will guide your thoughts and investments in the right direction, resulting in financial gains. You may also receive assets from ancestors or resolve disputes related to inheritance during this time. Even money lent long ago may return to you during this period.

After May 1st, as Jupiter transits to the 10th house, there will be a noticeable decrease in income. Previous debts or loans may need to be repaid, and despite having an income, the need to settle these debts will prevent you from saving as much as before. Caution is advised in investments during this period. Saturn's aspect on the 1st and 5th houses may lead to losses if investments are made hastily or with the intention of quick financial gains.

Throughout the year, Rahu's transit in the 8th house will increase expenses. You need to be cautious about spending. Often, you may overspend due to extravagance, negligence, or being influenced by others. Avoid keeping excess cash at hand, as it may lead to unnecessary spending. There is also a risk of losing money or valuable items during travel, so it's advisable to be careful with valuable items and jewelry or to avoid carrying them altogether.

Family prospects for the year 2024 for Leo sign (Simha Rashi)

For individuals born under the Leo zodiac sign, this year will bring mixed results in family matters. Until May 1st, Jupiter's favorable transit will lead to auspicious events like marriages or childbirth for those who don't have children. There will also be an improvement in relations among family members who previously had conflicts. Jupiter's aspect on the 5th house during this time will bring success in the fields of your children, and you will also enjoy a closer bond with your siblings, completing significant tasks with their cooperation.

Saturn's transit through the 7th house this year may cause occasional conflicts with your life partner, mainly due to misunderstandings and highlighting each other's faults. There could be arguments and delays in tasks, leading to frustration. It's best to stay calm as much as possible and resolve disputes amicably, seeking elders' advice if necessary. Despite the issues, Jupiter's transit until May will help resolve them harmoniously.

From May 1st, Jupiter's aspect on the family house will lead to growth in the family. However, Saturn's aspect and Jupiter's vision on the 4th house might bring issues at home or necessitate relocation due to work.

Rahu's transit in the 8th house and Ketu's transit in the 2nd house this year might bring health issues to elder family members, causing you mental distress. However, with Jupiter's transit in the 9th house until May and its aspect on the family house from May 1st, their health is likely to improve quickly. Since Saturn and Rahu are not favorably positioned this year, it's advisable to avoid escalating issues and maintain harmony with family members.

Health prospects for the year 2024 for Leo sign (Simha Rashi)

For individuals born under the Leo zodiac sign, this year will bring mixed results in terms of health. Until May, Jupiter's aspect on the 1st and 5th houses ensures good health, and existing health issues are likely to improve. You will be able to perform your tasks with enthusiasm.

However, throughout the year, Saturn transits the 7th house, necessitating caution in health matters. Although health remains good until May, some health issues might trouble you starting from May. Saturn in the 7th house can lead to problems related to bones, kidneys, and respiratory system. It's important to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and incorporate habits like exercise and walking. Practicing yoga and meditation can help maintain mental peace. Saturn's aspect on the 1st house may cause constant minor irritations, mainly due to overthinking about others and taking their problems upon yourself.

Rahu's transit in the 8th house throughout the year may bring respiratory issues, fevers, or allergies. Though Jupiter's favorable transit until May 1st will help maintain good health, after May 1st, when Jupiter moves to the 10th house, more attention should be paid to health. Regular meals and proper rest can help in reducing health problems.

Neglecting diet and rest this year could increase the likelihood of falling ill. Continually working to reduce stress and engaging yourself in activities will help you stay positive and protect you from health issues.

Educational prospects for the year 2024 for Leo sign (Simha Rashi)

This year brings mixed results for students. Until May 1st, Jupiter's transit is favorable, ensuring good progress for students. They will gain admission to their desired institutions and achieve good marks in exams. Jupiter's aspect on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th houses increases their interest in studies and determination to learn new subjects and excel in exams. They will work hard and benefit from the assistance and guidance of teachers and experts.

After May 1st, as Jupiter moves to the 10th house, students may prioritize fame and reputation over studies, which can lead to neglecting new subjects and relying on easy methods to achieve good marks. This may tarnish their reputation despite scoring well. They will need the guidance of their teachers or elders to stay on the right path.

Throughout the year, Saturn's transit in the 7th house, affecting the 9th, 1st, and 4th houses, may decrease their interest in studies or increase laziness after May 1st. They might look for easy ways to achieve good marks, leading to a waste of time. Students aspiring for overseas education may face obstacles, but persistent efforts can help them reach their goals. Staying honest in studies and focusing on learning without expecting outcomes will help students achieve their objectives.

For those appearing in competitive exams for employment, this year is highly favorable until May. During this period, they will not only succeed in exams but also achieve their career goals. However, from May 1st onwards, Jupiter's transit is not favorable, which may cause fear of not achieving their desired job or lead to disappointment. Despite this, Jupiter's aspect on the 2nd and 6th houses suggests that if they continue to strive without losing hope, they can attain their objectives. Persistence and integrity in their efforts during this period will be beneficial.

Remedies to be performed for Leo sign people

This year, individuals born under the Leo zodiac sign should primarily perform remedies for Saturn and Rahu. Since Saturn's transit is in the 7th house, it may cause issues in professional, business, and family matters. Performing remedies for Saturn can alleviate these adverse effects. Regular worship of Saturn, reciting Saturn's stotras, or chanting Saturn's mantras, especially on Saturdays, is advised. Additionally, reading Hanuman Chalisa or any Hanuman stotra is beneficial. Performing service, especially to physically challenged individuals, orphans, and the elderly, can reduce Saturn's negative impact. Physical activities can also help mitigate Saturn's influence, as Saturn tends to reveal our weaknesses and urges us to correct them. Understanding the root causes of problems brought by Saturn's influence can help prevent them in the future.

Until May 1st, Jupiter's transit in the 10th house brings mixed results, so chanting Jupiter's stotras or mantras daily or every Thursday can mitigate the negative effects of Jupiter. Respecting teachers and elders and assisting students in their education are also recommended.

Throughout the year, Rahu's transit in the 8th house suggests performing Rahu stotras or mantra chanting, especially on Saturdays, to reduce its malefic effects. Reciting Durga stotras or the Durga Saptashati can also diminish the adverse influence of Rahu.

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Please Note: All these predictions are based on planetary transits and these are Moon sign based predictions only. These are just indicative only, not personalised predictions.

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