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141 Ominotago NativeAmerican Beautiful voice (Chippewa). F
142 Omora Latin Honor. F
143 Omoria Latin Honor. F
144 Omorose Egyptian Beautiful. F
145 Omphale Greek A queen of Lydia. F
146 Ona Hebrew Graceful. F
147 Ona Irish One. Also a variant of Una: Lamb; together. F
148 Ona Latin Only child; also can be a variant of Una: One. F
149 Onawa NativeAmerican Wide awake. F

150 Onella Greek Light. F
151 Onesiphorus Biblical Who brings profit. F
152 Oni Egyptian Wanted. F
153 Onida NativeAmerican The one searched for. F
154 Onit Hebrew Graceful. F
155 Ono Biblical Grief or strength or iniquity of him. F
156 Onora Gaelic Honor. F
157 Onora Irish Honor. F
158 Oona English One. F
159 Oona Irish Variant of Oonagh: Lamb. Can also be an Irish variant of Latin Una: One. F
160 Oona Latin One. F

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