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161 Oonagh Irish Lamb. Can also be an Irish variant of Latin Una': One. F
162 Oonagh Latin Only child; also can be a variant of Una: One. F
163 Oota dabun NativeAmerican Day star (Algonquin). F
164 Opal English Opal (precious stone). Jewel names became popular in the 19th century. F
165 Opal Sanskrit Jewel. F
166 Opalina Sanskrit Jewel. F
167 Opaline Sanskrit Jewel. F
168 Opel Sanskrit Jewel. F
169 Ophel Biblical A tower, darkness, small white cloud. F

170 Ophelia French Serpentine. F
171 Ophelia Greek Help. Serpentine. In Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', Ophelia was the lover of Hamlet who went insane as a result of his irrational behavior. F
172 Ophelia Shakespearean 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' Daughter to Polonius. F
173 Ophelie French Serpentine. F
174 Ophelie Greek Wisdom. F
175 Ophni Biblical Wearisomeness, folding together. F
176 Ophra Hebrew Fawn. F
177 Ophrah Hebrew Fawn. F
178 Oprah Hebrew Fawn. F
179 Ops Latin Goddess of plenty. F
180 Ora Anglo-Saxon Money. F

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