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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1261 Moran Irish Great. M
1262 Moray Scottish Variant of Murray: Sea. A Scottish surname and place name. M

1263 Morcan Welsh Dwells near the sea. M
1264 Morcar Welsh Dwells near the sea. M
1265 Mordecai Biblical 'Contrition, bitter, bruising' M
1266 Mordecai Hebrew Warrior. Follower/worshipper of Marduk (Babylonian deity). M
1267 Mordechai Hebrew Warrior. M
1268 Mordrain ArthurianLegend Name of a king. M
1269 Mordred ArthurianLegend Son/nephew of Arthur. M
1270 Mordred English Brave. M
1271 Mordwywr Welsh Sailor. M
1272 More English From the moors. M
1273 More French Dark skinned. M

1274 Moreh Biblical Stretching. M
1275 Morel Latin Swarthy. M
1276 Moreland English From the moors. M
1277 Moreley English From the meadow on the moor. M
1278 Morell French Dark one; the Moor. M
1279 Moren Welsh Legendary son of Iaen. M
1280 Morfinn Gaelic Pale. M

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