Browse Boys Baby Names Starting with letter 'M'

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1281 Morfran Celtic Mythical ugly demon. M
1282 Morgan Celtic Lives by the sea. M

1283 Morgan Irish Fighter of the sea. M
1284 Morgan Shakespearean 'Cymbeline' The disguised identity of Belarius, a banished lord. M
1285 Morgan Welsh Bright sea. Dwells near the sea. M
1286 Morgan Tud ArthurianLegend A physician. M
1287 Morgannwg Welsh From Glamorgan. M
1288 Morgen Welsh Of the sea. Surname. M
1289 Morholt ArthurianLegend Prince killed by Tristan. M
1290 Moriah Biblical Bitterness of the Lord. M
1291 Moriarty Irish Expert seaman. M
1292 Moricz Hungarian Moorish. M
1293 Morie Latin Dark skinned. M

1294 Morio Japanese Forest boy. M
1295 Moritz Latin Dark skinned. M
1296 Moriz Russian Moorish. M
1297 Morland English Marsh; wet land. M
1298 Morlee English From the meadow on the moor. M
1299 Morly English From the meadow on the moor. M
1300 Morocco Shakespearean 'The Merchant of Venice' The Prince of Morocco, suitor to Portia. M

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