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Welcome to our baby name section. in This section you can find various meaningful names for your child. This section contains thousunds of baby names from various regions in this world. Hindu Baby names, Mulsim Baby names, Christian baby names and many more.. Check desired region for baby name. These names are sorted alabatically for male and female children.

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701 Lucius Latin Light. Form of Luke. This name was popular in ancient Rome, and has been borne by three popes. M
702 Lucius Shakespearean 'Cymbeline' Caius Lucius, General of the Roman Forces. 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' A servant to Brutus. 'The Life of Timon of Athens' 'The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus' Son to Titus Andronicus. Also Young Lucius, a boy, his son. M
703 Lucky English Fortunate. Lucky is also used as a nickname for Lucas and its variants. M
704 Lucullus Shakespearean 'The Life of Timon of Athens' M
705 Lucy Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 1' Sir William Lucy. M
706 Lud Biblical Nativity, generation. M
707 Ludano Italian Light. M
708 Ludim Biblical Nativity, generation. M
709 Ludlow English From the prince's hill. M

710 Ludo Italian Light. M
711 Ludo Scottish Diminutive of Ludovic: Derived from the Latinized form of the name Louis. M
712 Ludoslaw Polish Loves glory. M
713 Ludovic French Variant of Louis: Famous warrior, from the Old German 'Chlodovech'. M
714 Ludovic Scottish Derived from the Latinized form of the name Louis. M
715 Luduvico German Famous fighter. M
716 Ludvik Swedish Famous warrior. M
717 Ludwig German Famous fighter. M
718 Ludwik German Famous fighter. M
719 Ludwik Polish Renowned warrior. M
720 Lueius ArthurianLegend A Roman emperor. M

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