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721 Lufian Anglo-Saxon Love. M
722 Lufti Arabic Kind. M
723 Lug Welsh Welsh form of Luke 'light'. M
724 Lugaidh Irish Famous warrior. M
725 Lughaidh German Famous fighter. M
726 Luhith Biblical Made of boards. M
727 Luigi German Famous fighter. M
728 Luigi Italian Renowned fighter. Form of the French Louis. M
729 Luiginw German Famous fighter. M

730 Luis German Famous fighter. M
731 Luis Spanish Form of Louis. M
732 Luitpold Teutonic Bold for his people. M
733 Lujan Polish Polish form of Lucian 'lright'. M
734 Luk Latin Light. M
735 Luka Latin Light. M
736 Luka Russian Russian form of Lucas 'light'. M
737 Lukacs Hungarian Hungarian form of Lucas 'light'. M
738 Lukas Latin Light. M
739 Lukas Swedish Brings light. M
740 Lukasha Latin Light. M

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