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Popular Scottish names for girls and boys

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41 Arregaithel Scottish From the land of the Gauls. M
42 Artair Scottish Bear. M
43 Arthur Scottish Derived from Celtic artos meaning 'bear'. M
44 Athdar Scottish From the oak tree ford. M
45 Athol Scottish From a surname based on the Scottish place name Atholl, used occasionally as a first name since the late 19th century. M
46 Aulay Scottish Ancestor; forefather. A variant of Olaf which derives from the Scottish Gaelic Amhblaibh. M
47 Bac Scottish Bank. M
48 Baen Scottish Fair skinned. M
49 Baigh Scottish From the upper part. M

50 BaIloch Scottish From the pasture. M
51 Baird Scottish From Baird. M
52 Baldie Scottish Diminutive of Archibald: True and bold. Also 'bald'. Introduced from England and Germany during the Norman conquest, the Scottish interpreted the 'bald' to refer to the shaven head of a monk. M
53 Balfour Scottish From the pastureland. M
54 Balgair Scottish Fox. M
55 Balgaire Scottish Fox. M
56 Balmoral Scottish From the majestic village. M
57 Banner Scottish Flag; ensign bearer. M
58 Barclay Scottish The Scottish spelling of the English surname Barkeley, meaning birch-wood or the birch tree meadow. M
59 Barday Scottish From Berkeley. M
60 Bartley Scottish The birch tree meadow. See also Berkley. M

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