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Popular Scottish names for girls and boys

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61 Bean Scottish Fair skinned. M
62 Bearnard Scottish Bear strong. M
63 Beathan Scottish Son of the righthand. M
64 Beiste Scottish Beast. M
65 Beth Scottish Lively. M
66 Bhaic Scottish Bank. M
67 Bhaltair Scottish Strong fighter. M
68 Bhradain Scottish Salmon. M
69 Bhraghad Scottish From the upper part. M

70 Bhreac Scottish Speckled. M
71 Bhric Scottish Speckled. M
72 Biast Scottish Beast. M
73 Birk Scottish From a birch tree. M
74 Blaine Scottish Surname of uncertain meaning. M
75 Blair Scottish Peat moss. M
76 Blake Scottish Dark; dark-haired. Can also mean the reverse: 'fair; pale.' Blakeman. M
77 Blane Scottish Variant of Blaine. M
78 Blaney Scottish Variant of Blaine. M
79 Blayne Scottish Variant of Blaine. M
80 Both Scottish From the stone house. M

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