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4301 Wilmer English Resolute; famous. M
4302 Wilson English Son of Will. Surname. M
4303 Wilton English From the farm by the spring. M
4304 Win English Friend. M
4305 Wincel English From the bend in the road. M
4306 Windell English Traveler; wanderer. M
4307 Windgate English From the winding gate. M
4308 Windham English From the windy viIlage. M
4309 Windsor English From Windsor. Surname and place name. The house of Windsor has been the ruling family of the UK since 1917. M

4310 Wine English Friend. M
4311 Winefield English From a friend's field. M
4312 Winefrith English Friend of peace. M
4313 Winetorp English From Wine's estate. M
4314 Winfield English Stone marker of friendship. Surname. M
4315 Winfred English Peaceful friend; friend of peace. M
4316 Winfrid English Variant of Winfred: Peaceful friend; friend of peace. M
4317 Winfrith English Friend of peace. M
4318 Wingate English From the winding gate. M
4319 Winn English Friend. M
4320 Winnie English Diminutive of Winston: From Wine's town; from a friend's town. Famous Bearer: Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), World War II British statesman. M

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